🎷 Music League - Round 10 🎷 The Yeoman’s Revenge - Dance Floor 🎷

Early band name needed some work.

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I love dancing and dance music but don’t really know what would make you lot dance. Decided not to overthink it and go with a truly banging banger (that will probably end up losing to Neutral Milk Hotel or something).

That makes sense. The old Roy Hibbert verticality rule, for basketball fans.

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imo all submissions should make you want to dance

but I’ll just be judging based on whether I like the songs

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Still mad I accidentally bought The End Is the Beginning Is the End remixes 20+ years ago instead of the actual songs.


Ah the days of two CD singles, I still have a similar regret over buying the wrong version of Sneaker Pimps “6 Underground” .


Looking forward to this one. Hopefully its full of funk, disco and house!


Got SO MANY bangers shortlisted for this


Cannot wait for this round. Got a great pick and really looking forward to hearing some absolute bangers!

Will be interesting to see if anyone goes for anything lesser known in this. For me familiarity is one of the most important parts of a floorfiller.


Surely a remix of Smashing Pumpkins is the only way to enjoy Smashing Pumpkins…?

I read the brief here as more a song that gets you dancing rather than one that fills a dancefloor. I’m certainly hoping to be introduced to some things I don’t know but that make me want to dance!


planning on swinging for the fences with this one, no more safe choices

You got it boss

It’s you
It’s me
And there’s dancing!

I’m assuming that, based on your username, it’ll be Disco Duck you’re submitting and I wish you nothing but luck.

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But who couldn’t love a disco duck

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This is the round where I may loose all my carefully cultivated “cool” points as everyone submits indie floor fillers and deep house cuts whilst there is a very real possibilty I submit something that is pure cheese.


[5 minutes later]

We regret to inform you that Disco Duck is a tropical house producer

I’ve picked a song that makes me want to dance a lot, and I look forward to having a nice time listening to everyone else’s songs!

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