Music League Round 2

Starts at 12pm for submissions.

This Round is to submit a track from a Non UK European Artist.

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Link for league

Presumably, everyone is submitting their favourite Die Toten Hosen track, right?

I’ve just joined. This looks like a good bit of craic!

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Think I’m already imposing some stricter sub-briefs on this one for my voting, though hard to be sure I’ll follow them before hearing the tracks obviously.

How long is the submission period for on this one? When will the playlist drop?

Think you have 24 hours to submit from 12pm today. Then playlist goes live at 12pm tomorrow then you get until 12pm Saturday to vote.

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Cheers, makes sense. Guess I’m just impatient for that sweet, sweet playlist action!

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I know. It’s been good so far hasn’t it?!

This does not fucking slip!

This thing is going to be a nightmare for my chronic indecisiveness! Five options already for today’s that I can’t choose between :roll_eyes:

Yesterday I had a definite choice, today I’ve thought about it more and have come up with a load of others. I should just stick with my gut-instinct shouldn’t I?

There’s a lot of scope here. I’ve got mine I think, but reserve the right to swap it for Sabrina’s Boys Boys Boys at the last minute :smiley:

Just remembered that Ireland counts too…hmmm…


Not sure what to go for yet either, and whether I should go for a non-English singing song too, never mind which band/country to pick! Decisions!

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Had a profound effect on me as a 17 year old for some reason.


Already second guessing my submission



Fucking hell, am I really that predictable?


Looks interesting, I’m in (I will storm out if I receive 0 votes)

Happened on my third choice too, I give up.