Music League - Round 3

Submissions start at 12pm today

A track by an American Female artist.

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Someone submitted one by the artist I chose mere seconds before I did so I’ve changed it wawoo

Gone big. No messing.

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I’ve got a shortlist of 8. Gonna check on Spotify to see who the least popular one is and go for that.


Might be handy to put the link in the OP to this thread

can’t wait to listen to 65 Aretha songs


10 different versions of Respect.

In. Just did the first one I thought of.

Same, trying not to overthink them

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Gone for the jugular this time ngl

Someone got my first choice already :rage:

I tried an obscure track, got no points. Then I chose Abba, got some points but not enough. There’s no pleasing you people! Something slightly unknown I suppose.

every track got some votes in the first round tbf, but you don’t get any points if you don’t vote

oh piss

Gonna put Opeth again


My pick is one I genuinely like but is gonna piss off the purists. Can’t wait


Bold new direction for The Magnetic Fields


Found this one more difficult to pick.

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Reckon this playlist could be the best of the lot potentially.
As long as yous pick stuff that’s no shit ofc :wink::grinning:

This is making me realise that hardly any of my favourite female artists are American

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