Music League - Round 4

A Track from 2011

Nominations open tomorrow at 12pm

Someone mentioned somewhere that is possible to pick the same track as someone else if you pick your track from a compilation and someone else picks it from the album it comes from. Therefore where possible can players try to pick their song from the official album it comes from. Thanks!

I’m putting the Top 3 from each round into a playlist here…


I’ve got 4 tracks in my mind for this one. Just gotta decide which.

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Final results for Round 3 is at 12pm tomorrow

Ah man, gutted that Get Lucky came out in 2013 (sound of the summer)

Really annoys me that you can’t search for music released in specific years on your Spotify or


my sticking with Windows Media Player pays off at last


I have such a banger to inflict on share with you all

You can show your most scrobbled tracks of 2011 in though - should help a bit. Mind you, a lot of my top 50 for that year wasn’t current stuff, right enough.

Looking WAY ahead now - just found out that a band I’m really get into right now are Australian. That means I don’t have to think too hard about Round 10 now. Wasn’t looking forward to trying to find something decent by an Australian act.

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Forgot about this, gonna have to play catchup with the latest playlist.

I think if you type year: “2011” that might work. Then scroll down and click on albums.

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Hi I’m from market research can you all list your fav artists who released am album in 2011 via pm so I can ensure a better future

Yeah I had a look before but I wasn’t so on it at that point, all of my most listened to stuff is from the years before

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Found an old 2011 playlist on my Spotify. Torn between 3 or 4 of them

Quietly confident of taking a podium place this round. Already more sure of my choice than I have been of any other round. Plenty of other bangers in the sea though, don’t lose hope.

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league link for convenience


can’t wait to see which dweeb picks radiohead

Radiohead didn’t release any music in 2011

you’re right the king of limbs is basically wallpaper in audio format

Dang it, you spiked my obvious/shit punchline of quoting my previous post

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