Music League - Round 5

Thought I’d start the discussion thread.
Round Starts Sunday at 13:00

Topic - Something that needs to be played loud!

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had an idea come to mind as soon as I read the prompt, and I’ve usually just gone with first instincts

think we’ll end up with more noisy rock or more electro bangers?

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Noisy sounds good to me! Rock or Electronic

Really excited for this one, spent all of yesterday putting together a shortlist, I bet whatever I pick gets 0 now

Probably be out running at 1pm Sunday so won’t be able to take The Rat.

Probably give my full 10 to whoever gets there first though

Come on, Belle & Sebastian! Your time shine!


Not that I’m thinking too much about Music League or anything, but I came up with my system for listening to this the other day.

I will set my volume low. If a song has me reaching to turn the volume up, I’m probably giving it points. I will go back to the original setting after every song. Science!

No points though for any cheesy things where the song’s just recorded quietly.

I’ve got one for this - the track I always use to test any new speakers.

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Think I know what I’m picking for this but other possible options are gnawing at me

There’s a really easy way to get 10 points from me on this one. Just leaving that out there.


hmm considering changing a 7 min+ entry down to one under 3 mins given the chat in the other thread

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But what if we want to get more than ten points in total?

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That might require systematic reform of the music criticism industry.

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Don’t do it, long songs are the best ones.

Nah, just remember how Avalon Emerson swept aside all* of those 3 minute losers.


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Think this is going to be the hardest one to pick but also the best playlist in the end. Distortion is the best.


I’m hoping for a good amount of rattling sub-bass kick drums to balance out all the distortion

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  • My song starts loud
  • My song builds up a bit

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I say “my song”, but at this point it could be any one of four or five. They all start loud though.