Music League - Round 7

This one opens on Tuesday for nominations.

The topic is the Number one record the day you were born.

Should be easy enough to google. If your song isn’t on Spotify then choose the song at number 2 that day and so on. Same applies if someone has taken your song already. If it’s a Christmas themed song then I get that it wouldn’t play out well on a playlist in February so again please feel free to post the first non Christmassy record in the chart that week.

Obviously this can’t be policed but I hope people can be as honest as possible as it may effect the standings through randomness rather than through choice.

Also worth mentioning there is a quick two day turnaround for this round as I presume 90% of these songs will be well known to most of us.


Nah if its Christmassy get it right on the playlist.


Here’s a thing…

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Is it UK only?

Oh this is going to be a bad playlist isn’t it?



edit: although I’m sure there are some lucky bastards who were born when there was a banger at number 1. No, not me


I think if you’re not UK based it’s fair enough to use the chart of your country


Mine makes me want to vomit into my shoes.

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Can I choose what was number one in Canada on my birthday?

Don’t see any reason why we can’t do international number ones. They’re usually the same as the UK or something much, much worse.

Country of birth or if born on a boat or a country with no music chart The country you are a citizen/identify as being from.

Only if you were born there!

Think that’s probably set in stone by this point


Based on my song alone. Yes!

Oh no.

don’t like it

the song that was on number 1 when i was born is one of my least favourite songs

let it be known that I am furious with this round


I too am deeply Canadian.


I believe the country you were born in is very much a spectrum tbh and I refuse to adhere to your regulations around land mass and borders


My number one song was actually part of a wider album that was in fact all number one.

mc shit round