Music League - Round 7

yeah I know sting wrote it or whoever and she cries and that
it’s just some weak ass choir shit, fuck it


Just remembered a couple of years ago on the social board I started a DiS Eurovision where you had to submit a song from around Europe in secret and we’d all vote on our favourite

No one did it, and some even took the piss

Fucking fuming. Hate the social board. Scumbags


Quite glad that Chanson D’Amour has points, that song was far too shit to be completely ignored.

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Best version

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Much like Hallelujah NC2U is a bad song. The original is bad, the covers are bad, the reverence it gets is bad.

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deeply upsetting

might try again now that this has worked

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Reckon it would work better if you allocated people countries at random (and by random I mean you’d give the worst ones San Marino or wherever).

Well well well…


that wasn’t me. it was @aqos. let’s get him, boys!

yeah that’s a good shout. does that mean you’d sign up if I started it again? nice one steve!

I’d sign up! And would like the random country element of it also.
Would kingmaking be allowed in it? How does that compare to your Eurovision traditional voting desires?

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absobloodyloutely not. everyone would be allowed to vote as a traditional voting country would- 12 points, 10, 8, 7 down to 1.

Now I want to kingmake.

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No wonder your game was a grade A flop.


well I’m gonna start it up, come back in May and tell me my game is a flop!!! (don’t)

I’ll do exactly that, which is to say i won’t do what you asked me not to do.

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Today is actually the furthest I could be from a birthday!

It’s quite nice to be able to lay into the tracks (mostly Billy Joel) without feeling bad about hurting someone’s feelings (unless Billy Joel reads this)


Interesting. I couldn’t be any closer to my birthday today