Music League Round 8 - Australia

Wow! The scenes! 29 points to 0! Oh, mr_bolus!


Oh ffs





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@TVDenimChap sorry, i was close to kingmakering it. wish I had now that my 10 points went to waste

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I discovered them through @PaintyCanNed on these very boards.

Went from being unsure about them to them becoming one of my all-time favourite bands.


Was actually 2nd with 1 vote to go :wink:

@Steved was meant to be a reply to

Glad that the kingmaker got put in their place by my own kingmaker

5 points? I hate you all, except the three people who gave me points, who are much nicer than the rest of you, who I hate.

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:smiley: I’m just glad to know I wasn’t far off getting the points, seeing as I picked it specifically for that (I mean, it is a banger regardless)

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As predicted, barely any points but some nice comments. I’m alright with that.

For those interested, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are absolutely worth a delve.




Bit disappointed that my Julia Jacklin track was pipped to the post of top girl+guitar song by a rip-off of On a Rope.

sorry @chris-budget

Beds are burning was first song I thought of! May well have chosen it if I was eligible.

My brother loved it when we were kids. I listened back the other day. Weird vocal, cheesy as fuck. Enjoyed it! :smiley:

Liked the music and couldn’t decide what I thought of the vocal but will investigate further

I’ve only just registered, so wasn’t eligible for this round. For the record (and maybe to give some joy to some grumpy people with no votes I hope!) Here’s who I would’ve made into yeomen this week if I’d been able to vote:

Distillers - coral fang
Logic 1000 - perfume edit
Dead can dance - cantara
Tame impala - let it happen
Press club - head wreck
The boys next door - shivers
Mallrat - Charlie
The avalanches - frontier psychiatrist
Psychedelic porn crumpets - hymn for a droid
Grand salvo - all those stars


Loved @Avery’s comment for The Distillers

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Quite surprised how well mine did, although it was clearly obvious who’d picked it! :grinning:

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Thought it was brilliant!


I can’t get past the name

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