Music League Round 8 - Australia

I was gonna go with The Vines but were taken.Nick Cave/grinderman - thought it would be bound to be taken. Was gonna go for The Avalanches but taken so I went with Leo Sayer out of spite!!


Came to realise I don’t like Australian bands really

I was blown away by the final episode.

The whole final series got more and more existential and more and more dreamy, and I loved all of it.

Is there a way to know if a band (but not song) are already taken? I guess not?

It tells you when you hit submit. You can switch your song as much as you like before the deadline

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It tells you if you selected the same artist, even if not the same song?


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Great thanks :+1:


It also tells you if it’s the same album, which is handy if you’re not arsed about the artist thing but think that could be a close for comfort.


Wow. Good system. I approve! :clap:

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Just reading through the comments.

People are fucking savage :rofl::clap:

“Your favourite song is fucking shit” basically :rofl:


Almost went with that after the Nick Cave hating Up thread, but decided to go with it anyway. The Divine Fits version is the best cover in my opinion.

@moderators can you change the title of this thread to Music League Round 8 - Australia


The world continues inexplicably sleeping on Underground Lovers. Good thing @robluvsnic wasn’t in here to see the results.

The state of all you pricks agreeing with the fact that Torn is a great, great song then not voting for it… I see you, @Spen78 (though props for choosing The Sleepy Jackson)

(also massive safetywink to any and every bit of beeves I try to do in these threads. I just like arguing about stuff, but mean almost none of it when it comes to music)


Sad no one went with Deaf Wish, I almost did but had to go with UL. Lithium Zion is a great album.

Fans of early Trail of the Dead will probably like this one:

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Oh yeah, meant to say, no points for her, I like the song, but she’s lived round my way for years, yet never popped by to say hello.

Lol, just looked up the answer to @TAFH33’s Natalie Imbruglia question. Well I never (but should have guessed)

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Has it got to the point where you know she can’t remember your name but it’s too awkward to ask, and you just have conversations that kinda peter out after about thirty seconds? Fair play if so.