Music League spin-off - your favourite discoveries

given we’ve done so many goddamn rounds now, thought it would be fun to do a bit of a round up of the best things you’ve come across due to the DiS ML playlists. Something like:

  • Top 5-10 songs you found through ML
  • Favourite artist (new to you)
  • Favourite artist (rediscovering someone you were already aware of)
  • Gigs you’ve seen because of ML
  • Albums you’ve bought because of ML

drop in any other suitable categories you can think of too!


I rarely get any recs from ML as i’m a picky bastard, but there is one that sticks out like a sore thumb and that’s Love and Hate In A Different Time by gabriels, a song @paulo13 played in the pre season round…

Have loved everything they’ve done. The combo of that voice and the song writing gives me that late 60’s/early 70’s souls vibes I love with a modern spin. I don’t listen to songs on repeat anymore, but I did with this song.

There are others that I have on my to listen list I have that I haven’t given more time to, so i’m sure there are more. But for now, that gabriels song is far and away my favourite.


I currently have a playlist of 757 songs that I have been introduced to and love from the music leagues so way too many to list but I did go out an pick up some vinyl fom Noiserv afther this was submitted in the second music league (also submitted by @paulo13 )


none, my songs were the best ones


It looks like I’ve made three DiS ML-discovery purchases so far.

One is from the aforementioned @Icarus-Smicarus’s Halloween pick of Katie Kim - Ghosts. I didn’t like the song enough to buy it, but I followed her on spotify and then liked and bought a download copy of her new album last year!

Really loved @midnightpunk’s Mustafa - Air Forces pick from the Canadian music round, and so I bought a download of the album:

And then most recently was @Kovacs77’s pick of Meryl Streek’s Death To The Landlord:

Which has easily become one of my favourite songs of last year. I went to see him at a gig last month and bought his vinyl, and will be seeing him again this week!

It makes it worth all of the smashing pumpkins/modest mouse songs I’ve had to skip along the way.


Go Away GIF

Maybe there was one song of theirs I didn’t mind along the way, but I just skip them out of a matter of principle for being picked so much.

(When looking at which artists to name and shame for being so frequently picked, I was surprised to see that Bruce Springsteen had been picked 10 times! I must just be skipping his songs without realising I’m skipping them)

id never have guessed that either!

After this many rounds I 100% don’t care about repeat artists (and have played plenty myself) but do think there’s 5 or so acts who probably could do with being retired from the league basically, or at least are basically guaranteed to get no votes from me

Apart from maybe one more MM time, RIP Jeremiah

all of ic-smic’s ones, his songs were the best ones

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I need to get back in the habit of trying albums regularly. But my two favorite discoveries by far have been These Arms Are Snakes and Oceansize - Your Pearly Whites and Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs being picked led to my finding 5 of my favorite albums of the past 20 years (Oxeneers, Easter, and Tail Swallower and Dove for TAAS and Effloresce and Frames for Oceansize).

That Mara Balls album is pretty great too. Also enjoying The Sound’s Jeopardy and the Merusault album from 2012, and a big chunk of The Peep Tempel’s Joy. Need to go through my list later and dig up some more.

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Oh yeah, Screaming Trees via Witness. For some inexplicable reason I’d never listened to Dust and it’s extremely good.

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First one that comes to mind is Hyuna - Bubble Pop played by the great @SleepingCapybara in one of the early leagues.


Touche Amore’s Stage Four too.


Peep Tempel from @ma0sm
Bob Vylan from @Rolley1982 - I had never heard of them before and saw them live off the back of this
Chika from @Jamos
Roy Ayers from @greenerharris
Loketo from @maggieloveshopey
Duke Ellington from @brims (possibly @alex.brims?)
Loudon Wainright from @JaguarPirate

My Spotify just crashed and I can’t be bothered finding where I left off on the master list


My Top 30’s of 2021 & 2022…

Not seen any of them live yet, but bought a mix of CD’s, Vinyl & Downloads by Geowulf, Methyl Ethyl, Mustapha, Stereolab & Leon Vynehall.


Arooj Aftab from @WizardLizard
Anz from @Octobadger
Boris from @TAFH33
Sudan Archives by @shrewbie

Cheers all.

There are undoubtedly more but I’m getting an injury scrolling through voting comments pages!


Arooj Aftab for me as well, loved that one


I discovered Chat Pile, Meryl Streek and Bambara all through the couple of music leagues I participated in. Have purchased the first two on vinyl off the back of repeated listens so thanks to whoever submitted them originally!

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too many.

hopefully my subs have been of strong value to others!