Music League spin-off - your favourite discoveries

I’ve only participated in ML8 (thanks @daggers for suggesting I join) and the current one, but from ML8:

Disco! - That round kicked off a lot of disco listening for me in the summer and into autumn last year. I dug into a lot of lesser-known things via adjacent genres like mutant disco, thanks to a few key Spotify playlists, and had a lot of fun listening to music more upbeat than I normally tend to. This Italo-disco number was my favorite from the league’s playlist:

Chat Pile - the track “Why” was great and got me into their album and EPs. The album didn’t make my top 10 of the year but it was still one of those “woah this song is awesome, how come I haven’t heard this” moments.

Wow looks like my 2 favorite tracks from ML8 were by @hex-acts. Thanks!

Gang Gang Dance - I had just started listening to them in the last several years, but only heard the album before and after the one featured in the 1st round of ML10. So now I’ve listened to Saint Dymphna a few times and enjoy it.


Heck yeah, happy to hear! I really need to get back into ML next round, I miss it.

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Always more than I think, I tend to put stuff I like on other playlists then forget where I heard it in the first place. Will have more of a think and do a proper answer later but I was reminded to reply to this thread when I found myself singing Considering a Move to Memphis in the car this morning (ty @Shoebox1976uk I think, can’t remember which round it was in).

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Such a great song. I heard it for the first time when Stuart Maconie played it on 6 Music one Sunday morning on yet another trip to Saltram House when visiting the in-laws in Plymouth. The kids found it deeply irritating, which just made me love it even more.

just been looking at the Music League website to see what this is all about - sounds great!

would someone be able to explain how it works on DiS specifically please (or point me to an intro thread)? do we pick the theme and just play between ourselves? how often? and can you just dip in and out if you don’t have a good idea every time? :slightly_smiling_face:

To try and answer your questions…

We are currently on the 10th “season/league” of the DIS Music League, which have all been setup & administrated by the wonderful @Brainfreeze

The majority of players involved in the league are members of the forum, though there are a few friends & partners who aren’t. It’s a private listed league.

The current rounds last 6 days I think, & people do jump in & out and skip rounds.

The themes/rounds are picked by a mixture of the top 3 from the previous season/league, random other placed finishers & a discobot draw.

If you join us, the next round you’ll be able to take part in starts on Wednesday and is a song with an occupation in the title.

The playlist for the current round & the discussion around it can be found here…

I hope this has helped


Great answer from @Spen78


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excellent, thanks very much!

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