Music League - The Future

Hi everyone. I had no idea how huge Music league would become! Thank you everyone for adding to the fun. I’ve loved the selections, the playlists and the banter. When I set it up I didn’t really know how it would be and what to expect. Now I’m more aware of the rules and settings I wanted to poll you all on how it should play out in the future.

First up. As you may be aware there is a mid season break coming up which I can’t do anything about. How does everyone feel about having a 3 or 4 match league to fill the month long void. The league leader at the mid season break could pick the categories for this league.

  • Yes please!
  • No thanks.

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Currently we have 10 points to spread out but this can be changed. Does everyone feel that 10 points is enough or would people like more points to give out?

  • 10 points is fine
  • 20 points would be good
  • I would like 30 points to give out
  • I would like 40 points to give out

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Negative points are an option. There is potential to give out negative points for songs you dislike.

  • I would like to give negative points
  • I’m happy to just reward songs

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I think 10 felt fine for 40ish tracks, we’re now at around 60 tracks which feels like critical mass. Is 15 an option? Quite like the idea of being able to allocate 1,2,3,4,5 for my top 5.

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Between rounds how much time would you like for your listening and voting?

  • 24 hours
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 4 days
  • 1 week
  • 10 days

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I’m not sure. I have a feeling it’s multiples of 10 but I’ll get back to you.

20 points because it’ll allow me to be more nuianced with my votes - give tracks i like more points without feeling the need to sacrifice other deserving choices. I feel that 10 isn’t enough given how many people currently participate

Think you could scale it to 10 points for every 20 participants - if interest wains scale it back


In the future do you want me to set up all the leagues? In this instance the winner of each league could pm their categories to me and I set it all up or would the winner like to set it all up themselves?

  • Brainfreeze to admin future leagues
  • Winner to admin future leagues

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Really no preference on this one at all

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Would be quite strongly against negative votes. There are some genres that are very marmite (metal and jazz spring to mind), feels like negative votes would leave the pockets of fans of those genres feeling like they would be better going for safer choices from less polarising genres, ultimately leading to less varied playlists.


If you want to keep it up of course - i think its best to have one person running the thing whose keen to do so than hoping everyone is as keen as you



24hrs?!?!?!??!? I know its a pandemic but I aint commiting to a 4hr playlist in 24hrs :smiley:


Being able to give out 1 negative point I think, any more turns the while thing too negative and we’re not here to bash songs

I agree, if we’re having big numbers of people taking part then 10 points doesn’t feel enough, especially if I want to award extra points to some songs instead of giving a point to all the ones I like.
But I guess we can see how many people are taking part as the rounds continue.

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Think I would have cried seeing Opeth get -20 points

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Haha, I’m too impatient to wait longer for the results! I know it’s a bit too quick though…

Future leagues should

  • Have a quirky name
  • Be called league 1,2,3 etc

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Definitely. Feels too mean spirited for something that should be a light hearted distraction.

Both? League 2: The Bloodening, etc etc


Pretty sure part 2 is The Raddening. Part 3 is The Bloodening