🎷 Music League - The Yeoman’s Revenge 🎷 Round 11 The Final Round! 80’s Rap 🎷

I was wondering the same. Had a bit of Egyptian Lover on this week and decided he probably wasn’t rappy enough

With consideration I think it probably is.

There was a point in the 80’s where Hip Hop / Electro began to be called Rap, around the time of Licensed To Ill, etc. I mean Planet Rock is a Hip Hop track but it could be called Rap?

I’d say Egyptian Lover is probably acceptable

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I feel completely opposite. I like when the parameters are narrowed down. Just doesn’t seem like a whole decade of a specific genre is all that niche to me but idk.

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That’s great when it is a genre you are into, and maybe hope to find some hidden gems that you haven’t come across before, but if it’s music you wouldn’t normally choose to listen to and you are facing the prospect of sitting through a 4 hr playlist it’s suddenly less appealing


The key is to be into all genres. Or at least open/curios


I think these count for sure!

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i enjoyed the previous rap round as it was quite wide ranging. a lot of the 80s rap in that round was great, but it’s hard to find obscure or interesting stuff to pick for a just 80s rap round unless you’re an expert (even the 1997 round was a bit harder to think of obscure stuff to play as it was pre-internet). will still have a look at the playlist either way.

but also i’ve just generally fancied skipping a round or two at some point, as listening to the 5 hour playlists is a lot of effort, as much as i enjoy the game i’ve fancied a little break to refresh my enthusiasm

i’d quite enjoy a jazz round actually but i can imagine a lot of people not having a clue what to submit


know what I want to pick, but I feel like I’m gonna have to get in quick.

not that it’s the most obvious pick, just that there’s no other 80s rap that does it for me quite like the act I’m gonna pick one by.

Obv the fight is gonna be for third place after the first place finish of public enemy and runner up beastie boys.

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I’m not into Jazz. I’ve literally got one track I would potentially pick for such a round. It would be kinda ironic if it were to win jazz round when I’m not into Jazz. It is a track I really love with a lot of sentiment attached. Could probably wedge it into another category at some point anyway. Or do I save it incase someone creates a jazz round??!

Yeah sure if we had an 80s death metal round the sentiment would be the same?

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I’m well into hip hop but as I say in my mind Palace my limited exposure to 80s rap dictates you either have the influential big hitters or the primative stuff and not much in between. However I intend to do my homework this week to find stuff that is beneath the surface and hope to be proven wrong

The decades proceeding it would be easy peasy for me

Hell yeah, daggers.

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80s rap def not my fav but I’ve been growing to appreciate it more in recent years. I never really liked public enemy so that was always a tough hurdle to clear.

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I was initially dreading this round a little, so I’ve done a bit of homework, which has already been very enjoyable. Got one or two choices in mind.

It’s a very fertile period for great music so I can see why it was chosen.

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just found out my first choice was released in 1993…


submit it anyway, i’m sure nobody will mind

Jazz jazz jazz jazz

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