🎷 Music League (The Yeoman’s Revenge) Round 3 - Transport 🎷

This round kicks off on Friday. Can I remind people to only mention who you have voted for or Who is in the lead after the round has closed please.

Theme: Tracks with a form of Transport in the title.

Here is a link to the league…


Top 3 songs from every round in this playlist…


got a good one for this (0 points)


I genuinely love the song I have in mind for this round. I don’t think others will love it as much as me though.

Does National Express count as a form of transport? Asking for a friend.


Out of interest. I’ve never had a opening track on any of the playlists yet. Quick poll…

  • I’ve had a track open a playlist
  • I’ve had more than one track open
  • I’ve never had a track open

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It’ll make you smile why not. :slight_smile:

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Think this is the only round this time where I knew the exact song I’d pick as soon as I saw the subject.

i say yes for that and makes of car etc

I’m doing the league with a bunch of mates and this very round is just in play in our own version. No scope for going obscure with those guys, so kept it very safe. Looking forward to throwing something a little more “out there” into this version.

Not that I’m Captain Obscuro, mind.

Somehow ended up with two opening tracks from the nine rounds I entered in the first league.

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Shame this playlist doesn’t go live tomorrow, looking like a much quieter week for new releases and I’ve really enjoyed when the playlists have soundtracked my Friday afternoons at work.


I was going to choose Brighton legends Broker’s banger “Boat” but it’s not on Spotify. Still, I would implore you to listen on bandcamp, especially if you fancy some heavy jazzy post-hardcore:

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Stuck with a choice of classic soul or balls out industrial…hmm. No matter which I choose I’ll still think I should have gone with the other one

Proper “at least I beat Barbie Girl” vibes for my last pick.

Have a specific track in mind for this and will declare open vendetta against anyone who blocks me. I warn you, I am a very powerless man and you are probably completely safe making me your enemy.

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No horse? [frantically searches for other songs]

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Anyone had the submission email yet?

Haven’t seen one, I’ve checked my junk mail and everything

Obviously slacking at Music League HQ today!