🎷 Music League (The Yeoman’s Revenge) Round 4 - Anything Goes! 🎷

No need for pendants for this round! Kicks off on Tuesday!

Topic: Any Track you like!!

Music league…



So I can choose Dopesmoker for this and then again for the best opening track? Great


If you want.

Project earworm is go . Time to infect some ears

Wonder how annoying I’m going to go with this hmm

think i know what i’m picking for this. a band who have been my second choice for a few rounds before, but a good track by them that i can’t imagine fitting many categories that would come up in the future.

0 points.

Interested to see if anyone gets warning of duplicate tracks or artists here.


Am expecting nothing less than 50 bangers please

Think I’ll just pick one of my favourite songs


Finding this one kinda impossible to choose a track for. Definitely benefit from having the themes to restrict and guide my choices


Chosen a song that the band in question were playing when I walked in to their show a few years back. Had never heard of or heard them before (it was a double headliner and I had gone to see the other band). Was instantly converted and so glad I turned up early. I think it was the first time I ever posted on here to talk about it.

So a very fond live music memory (remember those!).

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Probably just going to wait until the deadline and pick the first thing that comes into my head.

Definitely this, might try to go with something obscure that I think more people should know about.


This is what I’m thinking too.

… I mean, picking one of my own tracks is definitely something obscure that more people should hear, right?


Suffering major analysis paralysis on this one

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gone full ‘pep guardiola ahead of a champions league quarter final’ levels of overthinking


Not sure what I’ll pick yet, other than I know I’ll want it to be an unknown band. Have a possible contender, mainly because they’re very new to me also and so am just playing it quite a bit at the moment.

Apologies to @Brainfreeze in advance for the millions of changed submission emails about to come your way, I’m changing my mind way to much on this round!


Good to see I’m not the only person struggling to choose something. I need very strict criteria!

I decided on something straight away and I’m steadfastly refusing to think about it anymore and start overthinking things as I will only drive myself mad (even though the song I’ve picked isn’t going to get many points)

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