🎷 Music League - (The Yeoman’s Revenge) Round 5 Welsh Artists 🎷

This one kicks off on Saturday.

Topic - Artists from Wales or based in Wales

Genuinely looking forward to this playlist as I often get a bit embarrassed when someone asks me to recommend decent music from Welsh artists and only can think of a handful.

Yeah, definitely expecting a lot of repeat artists here, but no problem with that, so long as they’re not all the Stereophonics

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Bear in mind how difficult this for 50+ acts!

Groups formed in Wales by wholly non-Welsh members

  • Yay
  • Nay

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got quite a good one i think. don’t think anyone else will take them

Or Wyn Evans, the Go-Compare-man


Damn it, I’have to change both my first and second choice options now!

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Similar question for this one and country ones going forward.

Let’s say a band forms in Country A but doesn’t release any music until after relocating to Country B. They’re entirely based out of Country B going forward. Which country’s playlist are they eligible for?

  • Country A
  • Country B
  • Both

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Needs a fourth option of “Neither”


If I have to Google something to figure out if it’s eligible the chances are it’s not getting points.

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And a fifth for All of the above

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depends which country is better

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  • If the artist is not Tom Jones then they are not Welsh
  • If the artist is Tom Jones then they are not Welsh

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mainly i would judge it on which of the two countries the members are primarily from originally

What about a hypothetical case where the lineup has changed a lot and Falco keeps reminding people he’s not Welsh?


i still refuse to believe him so that’s fine


These threads have passed me by a bit, but my interest is piqued by all things Welsh of course. How does this work?

On Saturday lunchtime, the round opens here.

Sign up, join the league, and submit a track according to the rules (or not).

Given the size of the country I’m willing to tolerate whatever relaxing of the rules it takes to not have to listen to a playlist full of Tom Jones and Catatonia.