🎷 Music League - (The Yeoman’s Revenge) Round 5 Welsh Artists 🎷

Just played it myself. It’s really great.

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Yeah sorry to whoever picked it, wasn’t aware (however obvious it should be) and just quickly googled the band. Knew at the back of my head that they were from Liverpool so wanted to make sure…

Had to make a lot of arbitrary choices anyway as there was tonnes of good stuff in this playlist and was difficult to trim it down!


I did not expect anyone to vote for this anyway because it is such a bad song with few merits. Thanks for the two points!

I got to this late in the day and literally every song or artist II’d have liked to have chosen was already used. I gave them my points.

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The Truckers of Husk track is absolutely mint! A bit Battles-ish.

I’m trying to stick to only voting for songs that I’ve either never heard before or am only vaguely familiar with. And this round was really tough for that as there were truly so many songs that were picked which I love. It’s just great for new recommendations!


Thanks to those that voted H Hawkline btw! Would really recommend his most recent two albums - FFO Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley / White Fence and Devendra Banhart’s albums like Ma and Ape in Pink Marble:

I Romanticize (2017)

In The Pink of Condition (2015)

Not spent as much time with their first two records. Really hope there’s some new material soon.


i hadn’t listened to ToH in ages actually but dug them up for this round. their guitarist was in Jarcrew and was very briefly in an early incarnation of FOTL apparently, and then Kelson joined them on bass after he left FOTL

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Ah gotcha! Hadn’t heard of Jarcrew either so it was just more explore. The track is really math-y in places, is the rest of the album like that? Saw That Fucking Tank and Three Trapped Tigers on their related artists and it certainly captures that intensity that they have / had.

Really like H.Hawkline. Was very surprised to not see Sweet Baboo on the playlist to complete the triumvirate with H and Cate.

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it’s most fairly mathy but a bit all over the place from what i remember, some tracks are much more keyboard heavy

they had a good EP a couple of years earlier (before Kelson joined) which is almost entirely instrumental and much more straight up math rock which is also good. i considered this EP track for my pick

i think they still exist but on a very part time basis, i found they’ve released a couple of singles in recent years which i must check out

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I saw Battles at Cardiff Students Union supported by Truckers of Husk and Islet, one of the best gigs I have ever been to


Get into my thread and add some H Hawkline!

When I say “I really like H.Hawkline” that’s based on having seen him live a few times, but I’m not actually that well versed in his recorded material.

Now’s yer chance to change that!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve already got In the Pink of Condition lined up to finish my working day off.

Well my pedantry read the track as Space feat Cerys Matthews, and so primarily a scouse band.

If it were Catatonia feat Tommy from Space then it would have been eligible for points…although unfortunately just as unlikely to actually receive any from me.

Yeah this track is really cool too! Starts off quite Battles-ish then when the vocals come in a bit more Foals ish - kinda yelpy like! Will be exploring further for sure.

@GoFasterStripes Woah that’s a very stacked line up indeed! I was really into Islet when those early mini LPs came out - I absolutely adored Wimmy. Was a bit slow on the intake with Eyelet, but it’s really wonderful, isn’t it?

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Thanks everyone who voted for Hidden Rivers - the comments that it’s very BOC are fair, though it’s still a lovely track. I actually swapped out an even more BOC one last minute for that very reason.

The label that Huw Roberts runs contains some very nice acts. Although the tagline is “a record label from Wales” their roster is by no means all Welsh. There is a free label sampler available to download from their Bandcamp page if anyone is interested:


i love free things

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Wanted to say a big thank you to @Avery for introducing me to the crushing yet delicate joys of Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. My highlight of the round.