🎷 Music League - (The Yeoman’s Revenge) Round 5 Welsh Artists 🎷

I saw Battles at Cardiff Students Union supported by Truckers of Husk and Islet, one of the best gigs I have ever been to


Get into my thread and add some H Hawkline!

When I say “I really like H.Hawkline” that’s based on having seen him live a few times, but I’m not actually that well versed in his recorded material.

Now’s yer chance to change that!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve already got In the Pink of Condition lined up to finish my working day off.

Well my pedantry read the track as Space feat Cerys Matthews, and so primarily a scouse band.

If it were Catatonia feat Tommy from Space then it would have been eligible for points…although unfortunately just as unlikely to actually receive any from me.

Yeah this track is really cool too! Starts off quite Battles-ish then when the vocals come in a bit more Foals ish - kinda yelpy like! Will be exploring further for sure.

@anon34135029 Woah that’s a very stacked line up indeed! I was really into Islet when those early mini LPs came out - I absolutely adored Wimmy. Was a bit slow on the intake with Eyelet, but it’s really wonderful, isn’t it?

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Thanks everyone who voted for Hidden Rivers - the comments that it’s very BOC are fair, though it’s still a lovely track. I actually swapped out an even more BOC one last minute for that very reason.

The label that Huw Roberts runs contains some very nice acts. Although the tagline is “a record label from Wales” their roster is by no means all Welsh. There is a free label sampler available to download from their Bandcamp page if anyone is interested:


i love free things

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Wanted to say a big thank you to @Avery for introducing me to the crushing yet delicate joys of Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. My highlight of the round.


Well, can’t say I expected to score 18 points and be within touching distance of the podium with I Love You Always Forever, but glad a lot of people enjoyed it!

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If you enjoyed that, this is my fav song of theirs. (The whole album is great if you’re up for 50 minutes of the same thing)


That’s stoner metal for you! Nah, it’s a beautiful sound so I’m sure it’ll be great.

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I have the Charcoal album by Brambles on that label, after a recommendation here, and it’s lovely stuff

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That was my introduction to the label & I bought the vinyl after being introduced to it on here too.

One of my all time favourite DiS recommendations, even if I can never remember whether its Charcoal by Brambles or Brambles by Charcoal…

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I just realised they essentially made their name up of 4 other good band’s names