🎷 Music League - The Yeoman’s Revenge 🎷 ROUND 7 - Opening Track 🎷

reckon this is gonna be a long playlist

submitted a v long one and then decided to be polite and switched, might switch back though

Ah, someone’s already picked it anyway…so that’s that particular quandary resolved I guess.

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I’m super excited but nervous about my pick. At this point, I’m flipping coins!

Advice on best Jimmy Nail opener, please.


Mine takes a while to get going, but is then incredible. Absolutely going to miss out on loads of points from people who can’t be arsed waiting.

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Mine needs to be first on the playlist to really have maximum impact. It’ll probably be in 34th position or something though.


I was so torn between a couple of all-timers and a couple of tracks I assume most people won’t know. Have gone for the latter. Will be interesting see how many of my options for the former will be chosen by others. And then get loads more points than me…

I’ve gone for my favourite opener of the last few years rather than an all timer. I think it’ll attract some comments at least even if it doesn’t attract points

Looks like somebody picked the wrong song by one of the right bands and it’s stressing me out.


Mid table again.

I am going to win the Song That Tells A Story round though. I really am.

I’ve planned out all my choices in advance but this is the one round that I really cannot decide on

I have a seldom heard ditty, that will definitely win. I’m so sure of it. You will all love it to bits.

Got some decent modern choices and then a ton of old folk songs, it’s very hard to narrow down.

I’m listening to my choice now. Can’t see anyone else knowing it.

On my 3rd play of it in a row.

It is so damn good.

I’m probably going to be changing my mind all day, sorry in advance for all the notifications. Torn between a couple incredible ones that I know many people haven’t heard and one that (I assume) everyone heard at one point but most have completely forgotten about / failed to appreciate at the time but it’s really one of the few best songs ever written.

Also want to make a point that an artist who gets disrespected here (not Corgan) wrote three definitive opening songs, but the field is too crowded with all-timers to do it unfortunately.

Got absolutely nothing for the story round, no idea where to start looking either. Feels like if you don’t already have one in mind it’s going to be hard to dig.

got a couple in mind but not sure how pedantic people are gonna be about what constitutes telling a story, one of them might be too ambiguous

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Oh don’t get me wrong, even though I know it’s going to be hard to find good ones I’m still going to show absolutely no mercy to any song that doesn’t have a clear three-part act structure.

Think I’ve got a good one, although not super confident. It’s one of my favourite tracks of all time, though. So was always gonna include it.

Stumbled across my story pick earlier. Had thought about a potential album opener, selected it in the app, left the album running and a story song came on!

So I’ve swapped my opener out to save the artist for the next one. Relieved as I was drawing a bit of a blank there…