🎷 Music League - The Yeoman’s Revenge 🎷 ROUND 8 A story track 🎷

Exactly and there’s tons I want to go back to that I’ve not had the chance to yet. It’s been a goldmine!

I listened o the Malibu Ken album today and I think I really like Aesop Rock.


I think everyone should listen to God In Three Persons

a story about MR.X who finds a pair of conjoined twins (female and male) who are able to heal those who touch them - he ends up promoting them as an act and hold religious ceremonies before falling in LUST with the female twin - he ends up wanting to control them but finds it impossible to control a pair that consider themselves gender fluid as they wont take his labels which leads to rather grotesque and frankly hideous and shocking consequences.

I love how ahead of the time the story is in that album