🎷 Music league The Yeoman’s Revenge 🎷 Round 9 - Canada 🇨🇦 🎷

This one kicks off at 2pm Monday! A favourite Track by a Canadian Artist


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I’ve got to get in quick on this one, got a great artist lined up, and not much of a backup plan…

I’ve been looking forward to this round. Those Canadians are good at the music.


Very happy with the song I have lined up, though perhaps unwisely I’m sidestepping one of my favourite bands in favour of an under exposed side project so I’m sure I will not do well


theres only 12 songs on jagged little pill so dunno what the other 50 of you are going to do


Bryan Adams is from Canadia too and he must have loads.


Instrumental songs only for this round please!

Got a round winning* song this time!

*well, maybe double digits… counts as a win though!

Think I might let the bigger names go to someone else this time since I have no shot at winning. Debating between a great new upstart and a great old band that gets no respect here but should.

With dozens of relatives in Ontario it was only right I joined now! My Spotify name’s Daniel Sullivan but although I have no official power, I shall remain a futility of endeavour in the DiS neighbourhood.


You can change your name on the Music League app if you want (which wouldn’t change your Spotify name). It’s in one of the options on the page somewhere!

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We’re all doing a Bublé track, right?

when can you submit? thought it was only possible once the previous results were revealed but saw that a bunch had submitted already by that point

If you have email alerts set up, then you get an email with the link sent to you about an hour before the official start time.

fucking hell about 30 people had done it already when it opened, bunch of eager beavers on here

Guess lots are worried that their mainstream songs will be quickly picked by the other mainstreamers! :smiley:

There’s no risk of that with my choice.

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managed to get my first choice entry. Pretty chuffed

made it! 6 points incoming

Got my band of choice, definitely known on the boards but not as widely as they should be - hope this makes a few new fans!