🎷 Music league The Yeoman’s Revenge 🎷 Round 9 - Canada 🇨🇦 🎷

This has been my favourite day of vote tracking since the league started. Really enjoying the rivalry between @Yesiamaduck and @paulo13 given it’s now clear whose song is which I - am looking forward to the close run-in!

I also take back all the horrible things I ever said about day 3 voters, you’re clearly the loveliest bunch of people with the best taste.


It’s even worse because I gave his song so many points XD

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Has anyone given me anymore points yet? Too scared to check

I checked. Shouldn’t have bothered…

This is a really good playlist.


It was really good aye!

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Fixed that for you.

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I’m doing surprisingly well.

Well, not me but the song I picked.

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Doing slightly better than I expected

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I’m just going to say thanks for this whole league pushing me to find something new. I can get too passionate about music and other things, but I never see that as a problem.

Genuinely think in my search and addition to this round that I’ve discovered something so far from what I usually listen to, but something so damn good. I don’t care if it scores zero or wins, for this artist has, after listening deeply for days now to just the one song, really evoked a response that few artists have for me. Scratch all genres, this is mind meltingly good and sincere.

Want to type more but I’ll give say who it is by doing so. Will do when the results are in. The real winner in the music. So damn good.


Yep, feel the same.

My own one I set up with my friends has just finished, and I’ve had so many messages from people thanking me for setting it up and getting them into it, and asking me to do another. Think as well as a great way to hear new stuff, it’s just a really nice distraction for everyone.

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Voting deadline 2pm today, reminder for those still to vote:

@Scott_Chegg @Woodchuck @Elights @Rolley1982 @BobRickerton @Steved @woweezowee @JaguarPirate @TVDenimChap @JohnM @Mistersteve


on it now!

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Thanks for the reminder! A couple of tunes left to check out this morning.

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Will vote at lunch, already know my 10 songs but don’t want to spend my morning refreshing/cursing each new voter’s name.

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my score has gone up but sadly so has everybody else’s

So close as to whether I’ll get my first (and most likely only) podium position. The Day 4 votes aren’t going my way at the moment!

not everybody’s :cry:


Sitting steady on a whopping 6 points whilst the one I initially tried to submit sits on 13. Sigh.

always feel a bit guilty that i dont kingmaker a beloved track when i see they’re hanging around mid table even after my points - but theres always too much stuff i want to vote for!