🎷 Music League - With a Vengeance 🎷 Round 6 - Drums

Kicks off on Tuesday at 12pm

League - Music League

Top 3 from each playlist…

A reminder of the prizes at stake…


Does it have to be drums or do cool drum machine arrangements count as well?

Not a clue on this one.

I think drum machine should be technically allowed, but I’ll likely be inclined more towards rewarding human drummers personally.

This is me judging the playlist on this round:


Gonna stick with the first one that came to mind here, could be a long rabbit hole if I end up overthinking it

Oh god. As a drummer, this one’s going to piss me right off isn’t it?


The drum machine question has already irked me.

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Any track where the drums are front and centre is my understanding. Whether real or electronically produced. In the Bass round nobody minded if the Bass came from a guitar, a machine or a double bass etc.


Asking you as a drummer would you consider that there is a difference between ‘drums’ and a ‘beat’? So beats can be electronic etc but drums have to be human?

I am clueless so genuinely interested what you think.

Definitely think programmed drums count.


Yeah, that’s what I suspected. Little concerned that a entire playlist of exceptionally prominent drums will end up being quite wearing though.

I know what you mean, but I had this same doubt about the bass line round and that turned out to be a blinder so hopefully this round turns out well too.

Nah I think either count, it’s just going to be disappointing what does well.

And I’d consider an electronic beat to be drums, as long as it uses ‘drum sounds’ (otherwise it’d be percussion, maybe). Likewise a human could play percussion but it not necessarily be drums. I guess this round is just calling for something where the beat/things being hit are prominent, whether that be an actual human or processed/sampled/computer generated.

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I love drums, wish I’d tried learning them in my teens instead of the guitar. Hoping to hear a lot of great new discoveries!

already got one sorted for this one

Got a track that would be a great entry for this and the two subsequent rounds. Very tempted

Only round I’ve actually had an idea for in advance

drum machine all the way here, very few ‘real’ drums on my shortlist.