Music Magazines

I’m a Q subscriber.

I really admire your bravery in coming out as a member of the Q community :wink:


I flick through Q, Mojo, Uncut, Prog, Record Collector & occasionally Metal Hammer as part of my Readly subscription. Between them all I get about one magazine’s worth of material I want to read. Used to buy loads when I was younger - Vox & Select were probably my favourites.

Artrocker was great wasn’t it? Halcyon days.

Looks like Q may have reached the end of the road.

A few Q writers on twitter are saying that putting the Gallagher’s on the front adds 10k more sales, but it was the features inside that were more interesting. I can see the first part of that, but the last couple of issues i’ve read were pretty dreadful, not sure where the quality writing they’re referring to was.
Mojo always has decent stuff, especially the buyers guides, but something about the format of the mag has always put me off, not sure what it is
Got bored of Uncut a few years ago, when the album of the month always seemed to be some other bearded americans, ‘Alt-County central’ as @EVI points out.

The cover of those mags really puts me off. How many times can you tell the story of The Who or whatever


Hmmm. I feel a bit guilty now, if that’s what helps sustain them! The articles are usually very well written - although there’s a lot of lazy “list” stuff these days so that was another factor in my cancellation…