Music moments that make you go WOW!...

Sometimes music can stop you dead in your tracks.

Share some music stories that have made your jaw drop.

I’m going to go with this tale. In the Summer on 1985 I called round for a school friend just to hang out. For no logical reason we got on a bus and went to Solihull to look around the shops. The High Street was not pedestrianised back then and walking down the High Street a huge sports car with the sun roof fully down pulled up next to us as it was briefly stuck in traffic. The driver was a typical Solihull looking yuppie type bloke, the passenger a token 80’s glam looking woman, both wearing shades.

At this moment the drum padding then guitar break from Money For Nothing by Dire Straits blasted out of the car stereo. The timing and imagery was just so fitting on what was a blazing hot day. A scene so 80’s it could have actually been a music video. I’d only heard the song like once or twice and didn’t even like Dire Straits.

My mate and I both looked at each other in silence kind of acknowledging the moment but never discussed it further but when that track passes my ears ever since for whatever reason I can only see this image.


Probably Rage Against The Machine at Glasgow Barrowlands ~1996. Me and my mate stood with our jaws wide open watching dozen’s of people crowd surf on top of people crowd surfing. It was carnage!

Also, Queen at Live Aid 1985


Seeing Swans live


A few that spring to mind Hookworms at MIF Even though what has happened since has tainted it, that feeling during the 1st track I haven’t experienced since
Arctic Monkeys at the Attic in December 04 bass amp blew up during the 1st song but, still those songs at that time, bloody hell.

But the one that will always be my 1st is this performance by the White Stripes

it changed everything for me in 2 minutes 20 seconds with Hotel Yorba and then in the next 2 minutes 40 seconds blew the rest of what I knew apart. It is the only thing that I have ever been able to put as a year zero for me, also the only Band I can clearly recall hearing for the 1st time.

Without seeing this my musical tastes would probably be I suspect quite a bit different. I wouldn’t be the 1st one into all the bands at school and all that “the cool kids” claimed to like 1st 6 months later while they took the piss out of me for listening to shite demos of Arctic Monkeys or Up The Bracket then they claimed that they were brilliant 6 months later and claim they had heard them on Radio 1 last week as a new band. That’s a bit of petty pent up annoyance that has been simmering since I was 16, they are all probably into Ed Sheeran like the fucking Tories they are now

Anyway, I remember coming back from a folky thing in Ripponden that I went to with my parents, getting a chippy supper from Hunt Lane, getting home and watching this. Never looked back from growing up with Folk Music and a little bit of soul, this had a Big Muff attached to guitar and at 13 years old what isn’t to love when you are a tad bit angry and dealing with the feels a bit. I think I may have got to other artists eventually listening to Folk Music put me on the weird side but, I don’t think I would have ever got to listen to everything that I listen to now and fucking adore.


You know the bit.


The bit in Cowgirl where it sounds like every guitar solo you ever heard all wrapped up in gaffa tape and spraypainted silver


When I first heard ‘Undertow’ by Tool. It was around 1993/94 and a friend at work was heavily getting me into more ‘obscure’ music, he’d bring in armfuls of vinyl for me to listen to on a weekly basis; Butthole Surfers, Foetus, Arcwelder, Archers of Loaf etc etc. One day he brought in the CD of ‘Undertow’, I got home stuck the CD on and went to make a cup of tea, I’m not sure that cuppa got made in the end because after a few minutes I was just stood in front of the stereo feeling that this CD had clearly been made for me personally, it just ticked every box!

Been a fanboy ever since. Even Fear Inoculum made my AOTY!


While were talking Tool, the transition between Parabol and Parabola and again 1 minute in at the first “this body…” when the riff speeds up, those bits still get me every time


The bit in New Paths to Helicon pt 1 when everything kicks in


For me it’s when Pushit peaks towards the end “Remember I will always love you / as I tear your fucking throat away”
Shivers every time.


I’ve had two distinct DJ-induced religious moments in my life, the first involved Cowgirl and the second was the first time I heard Hallucinogen’s LSD. Never experienced an endorphine rush like it, I get teary-eyed thinking about it even now.


They made my jaw drop, but it was in more of a yawning motion

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Each to their own

This is one of mine.

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Hearing this in a club for the first time.


We bought the Brothers In Arms CD in the mid-80s like many many others with their first ever CD player purchase. Loved hearing that song on speakers in the living room and I’ve still have great memories of that song played on my Dad’s cassette player in the car.

I’ll never forget it. It was 2004

I was driving down the M1 with the old lady and club foot came on the radio. The car was an old banger so rattled a bit when we got over 60mph so when the first beats came in we assumed the shaking was just the suspension giving out. But bloody hell when that chorus hit it was carnage. The rest of the journey we were cruising around in a convertible


To be fair their live show was initially exciting but as each song dragged on it just became a bit exhausting for me. I’m really missing something with their recent stuff.

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