Music podcasts - are there enough good ones out there?

My first post into this forum. I’m looking forward to seeing how the chat goes.

I was wondering if people feel like there is room for more music podcasts in the world?
Which do you currently like? And what do you think there could be a gap for?

I’m a big podcast fan and feel like I might make my own music podcast soon. It would be cool to hear peoples thoughts on what they would enjoy hearing in a music podcast.

Thanks, Ben

Alright Ben? Big fan of Song Exploder, regardless of who’s on or which track I always love hearing people nerdily deconstruct a piece of music they’ve made.

Other than that and the DiS one I can’t say I listen to any more music podcasts.


I make my own podcasts;

Dreampop and shoegaze with a healthy dose of synths.

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I don’t know, but there are definitely enough wrestling ones!

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Yeah Song Exploder is a solid podcast! Simple idea but it provides amazing insight with brilliant guests.
Barbican Contemporary Music podcast can be pretty good.
NPR’s All Songs Considered is also great, lots of content, nice and varied, would recommend that one.

Would love to hear more from DiS, it has been a while!

Thanks for the reply, this forum is alive!!


Checking out your podcast now, great selections!

And weirdly lots of murder mystery one’s. Not enough music though!

I do find myself listening to non music podcasts more often but I do get a lot out of music podcasts when the mood strikes.
Haha! That is pretty niche, although NTS rate it so can’t be bad.
Are any of you keen on Fact Magazine’s ‘Against the Clock’ format?

Velocities in Music
Sound Opinions
The Only Music Podcast

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Keeping a close eye on this thread for recommendations. Song exploder is the only music podcast I know really.

What kinda angle wld u go for cenboggs?

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To answer your question, I’d like to hear stuff about…
Trad folk
Local music scenes
Stories behind / interviews with festival organisers, record labels, venues etc.
*idea for a podcast pick a prolific artist with a massive back catalogue (Beatles, tom waits, whatever) and have a different band cover one if their tracks every week

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Can I shock you?

I have never listened to a podcast. To any podcast of any kind.

I don’t really know how to do it! Do you stream them, download them, or what? And where do you find them?

As I’m so inexperienced when it comes to podcasts, I’m not really in a position to say what I want from one. I don’t really know how they work. But one idea still springs to mind - pick a band or artist with a massive back catalogue and listen to every single one of their albums, in turn, with as open a mind as possible.

Think of it as a rebuttal to the “critical consensus”, the one that says that THESE are this artist’s “good albums”, and THOSE must never be listened to. But what if you ignored this advice? What if you delved into the furthest reaches of, say, Van Morrison, and discovered countless gems beyond Astral Weeks and Veedon Fleece?

I don’t know - it’s probably already been done before, and it’s probably a boring idea.

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Do you have a smartphone? Download a podcast app (iTunes, Acast etc) and you can search, browse and listen through that)

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Ah, like Spotify but for podcasts! Thanks. Might try a history one.

That one you linked to, is that essentially what I was describing?

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Yeah except they’re working their way through tom waits back catalogue SONG by song

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Some good food for thought there Smee! I particularly like the idea of interviewing the more behind the scenes people, the labels and the festival organisers. That’d be really interesting.

My podcast idea is to have a different guest each episode, these will be composers/musicians of various genres and backgrounds. So i’ll chit chat with them over the course of the day but there is a twist in that we’ll also set ourselves the challenge of co-composing a piece of music together that we must finish that day and can only use the instrument the guest brings for every sound (which can be manipulated electronically).
So, peppered throughout the podcast conversation will be snippets of the writing process, then at the end you’ll hear the fully formed track.
I’ve got a lot of pretty interesting people lined up for it. I’ll be doing a pilot episode next month with Manu Delago, a hang drum player who plays with Björk and Anoushka Shankar.

Is this something people would enjoy listening to? Any suggestions for things you’d like to to find in there?

Very shocked ninetyeightytwo :wink:

I think you should give podcasts a go, I find it’s a bit of an addiction once you get started. I would recommend the Adam Buxton Podcast as a place to start, if you don’t know him he’s a comedian. He has some amazing guests, lots of laughs, lots of deep chat too.

Nice nice idea, great for the superfans, looks like songbysong beat you to it (i hadn’t heard of that one, will check it out).

I do like Adam Buxton, and his podcast has been recommended to me before. As good a place to start as any!

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Highly recommended. He writes some pretty wacky/hilarious jingles too.