Music podcasts - are there enough good ones out there?



Highly recommended. He writes some pretty wacky/hilarious jingles too.


Definitely sounds interesting. Strikes me that it would be challenging to get enough good quality guests willing to give up a whole day of their time to do it. Also that it would work best with a certain type of musician and a certain type of personality, and they might not be that easy to happen across regularly. but sounds like you’ve got contacts So maybe you’re not worried about that.

Personally I’d be most interested in the chat/stories that the composition process drew upon, rather than the nuts snd bolts of how composition works but that’s just me. I guess pitching it right netween those two ‘themes’ would be key.


Thanks for the input. Very true about getting people to give up a day but I’m planning to pay the guests, i believe in musicians being paid for their time and talents. I’m funding a pilot myself and hopefully off the back of that either gets Arts Council funding or some sponsorship from a suitable music/arts related company. I’ve got a decent list of exciting guests signed up so hopefully that’s all going to be fine.

You’re right about the approach to the composition content. I don’t want it to get too academic. So there’s a fine line to tread!

Keep the suggestions coming, they’re very useful to hear for me and I’m sure anyone else planning on making a podcast


the idea of 1 band, etc is kind of the basis of a podcast I recently checked out through a user on

There’s 2 hosts, a guy and a woman. The taste of the woman on there, doesn’t totally crossover with mine, but I have found a few of the one’s they’ve done to be interesting (Faith No More, Godpseed You Black Emperor, System of a Down, etc).

I would check out the “Artist Deep Dives” from Velocities in Music (through their site and YouTube Channel) as well though.

Mind you, like many podcasts, these are rather LONG, extensive discussions that can go well over an hour at times.


I didn’t think there was such a thing as a short podcast! I thought it was all about the ramble.


To me, podcasts are the one medium that rambly chat seems to work, i agree! I like to commute with a podcast, living in London everywhere takes exactly one hour to get to so podcasts are perfect :wink:

allmediareview - that link doesn’t seem to work, would like to check it out if you don’t mind resending it?


oh sorry,

this 1 should work.

or here’s a rateyourmusic list Caroline from their podcast made:of all the episodes and the band/artists


Stories about music


Didn’t meant to post that particular episode as I’ve never even heard it. Came across the podcast from this one which I think is gorgeous


Great! Very nice Huggy_Bear. Thanks for sharing! This has a similar tone to S-Town; Non-music but a pretty amazing podcast. Know it?


Smee! I was having a pint with a mate yesterday, a folky chap, he was telling me about a folky podcast - I remembered you saying that’s what you’re into. Do you know The Low Culture Podcast?
It might be what you’re looking for!


thanks Mr Borrigan! Will check this out x


I don’t, no. Any links?


Yeah here you go. It has the Louis Theroux seal of approval


talkhouse ones are great if you like hearing musicians chat to other musicians
recommend the xenia rubenious vs ladybug mecca episode


Talkhouse seems to be a really good one. I’m listening to Adam Curtis right now. Haven’t heard of this podcast before, looks like it could be a new fave. Thanks for the heads up!


Hey Ben…good idea…good to see you posting on this forum…if indeed you are the Cen Borrigan of Bristol fame? I met this very cool guy in a Built to Spill t-shirt at a club called Nowhere in Manchester post MBV’s mindblowing gig at the Appollo a number of years ago…you remind me of him :wink:

PS I would definitely listen to your podcast!
PPS - Still think the new Slowdive is incredible. Ride one growing nicely on me too. Impermanence, the title track and Home is a feeling have found a place in my heart.


Hey CdiGrassi. Thanks, good to get involved. And thanks for your PS and the PPS recommendation, must be good - listening now.
Haha! If only I was, but alas we are not one and the same, he and I. Cen Borrigan is an anagram of my name.


We put the DiS one on the backburner for a bit (mostly as my cohost had a baby and I got a full time job at 6 Music) but I’ve been doing a radio show every month on Soho Radio in the interim. Here’s the most recent episode in which we acted like an algorithm and made a mixtape for David Lynch


It’s a bit hidden but Spotify now host podcasts too. Not sure how to submit the DiS one.