Music podcasts - are there enough good ones out there?



Here’s a bit of info on Spotify uploads

Looks like it’ll be a while yet before they open the floodgates!


Surprised these ones haven’t been mention yet

Henry Rollins

Exploded Drawing - Gordon Moakes (formerly of Bloc Party) chats with various guests at length about albums from the 90s

Notes from a Musical Island - Laura Barton from Guardian journeys around the UK looking at how places and local cultures impact on songs through the ages

Laura Marling’s Reversal of the Muse (nothing to do with band Muse don’t worry!)

That’s Not Metal - former DiS contributor Terry Bezer and co nattering all things rawk

Motive Unknown - two of the smartest guys in digital music and marketing discuss the music biz

Someone Who Isn’t Me - Dan P Carter from Radio 1 Rock Show (formerly of the band ‘A’) interviews various rockers and metallers


Congrats to the cohost and to your job!
This sounds amazing, can’t wait to check it out. Great idea for a mixtape!


Haha…wow that’s a coincidence …All the best with the cast…keep people posted …sounds interesting particularly the industry figures / behind the scenes section as it’s a bit under reported


Cheers! I’ll probably give people a heads up in September, that’ll be launch time. Sorry again for not being your Cen Boggs :smile:


The best I’ve found is the New York Times’ Popcast.


[] Polyvinylcraftsmen is an excellent one - picked up lots of good stuff from it


All the shows on Beats1 can be listened to at your leisure. I can recommend ‘start making sense’ with Jehnny Beth and Music’s Cool with Chilly Gonzales.
I miss the guardian music weekly podcast with Alexis Petridis.


The Chilly Gonzales podcast is brilliant. Thanks so much for the recommendation.


The Exploded drawing podcast is great, thanks for the heads up


Yeah, it’s great. Particularly enjoyed the Wowee Zowee one with yer man Vennart.


Hi gang - the above chat was really interesting/useful for me when putting my podcast (excuse the mess) together.
It’s launch day today. Maybe some of you might be up for hearing it
Any feedback would be amazingly useful! Enjoy :slight_smile: