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Something different with this one, tried writing REM/Smiths-ish rhythm guitar leads and going from there. I’m not really a guitarist, so be gentle:

The vocal levels are all over the place, so will aim to fix that!

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Anyone know a good DJ app to play around with? I’m looking into making some mixes and don’t have any hardware, so I’m looking for a software only thing. I’m a beginner so the more user friendly - the better.

Made a thing on Friday lunchtime. A friend of mine wrote this song on guitar a couple of years ago and asked me to do some backing vocal harmonies so he could re-record it - BUT subsequently forgot how to play the guitar part :person_facepalming:

I said I’d work out a quick piano version so that we had chords to work backwards from to try and figure the guitar part out from…

Anyway, did this piano and vocal take as a first improv attempt, and then I stuck some midi strings over the top… and we reckon for something that took approximately 7 minutes to create, that there’s something in here that’s worth exploring maybe?!

Anyway - interested in thoughts as to how people would record this “properly” … I’ve got access to a decent grand piano now should I wish to use it…

Listen to Sink into the Deep PIano Version.mp3 by Creepy Crawly on soundcloud


sounds tremendous, your voice especially - half way between Cat Power & Thom Yorke

just do the same again but with a nicely mic’ed up Grand & get a string quartet in if you can find one

It really doesn’t need anything else

If you really wanted to push it out though you could definitely get a drummer & bass player & guitarist in go Portishead at Roseland NYC or something. I’d really want to keep it as live sounding as possible though

but like I said, it doesn’t really need that


Yeah I would literally just echo all of this, it’s fantastic and the only way to make it better is nicely recorded acoustic instruments. It’s just brilliant.

Also +1 to the vocals, you sound fantastic in that register.

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Getting some major Lana vibes too. You sound ace :heart:


Thanks folks (Inc @HolyCannoli and @stickboy)… I’d love to arrange for strings proper. It’s currently in f sharp minor, so might need shifting up a semitone to make it more suited to real strings. I do have a friend who plays in a string quartet locally (they do weddings etc) who I can probably convince to come into a studio at mates rates. It would be cool to do it properly, although it’s going to take a lot longer than this seven minute effort

Oh and funny thing on the vocal comparisons is that my friends original version of it has him singing at same range as me but he’s singing in a much more Yorke -esque falsetto, and clearly I’ve picked up some of that into this. Funny that it’s come out as a good vocal - wonder if it’s because I was so relaxed and not “trying” to sing well…it’s the first time I’d even read the lyrics through so was thinking about everything else other than actually how I was singing!!


I mean, this was my instant thought when I heard it. It’s much more relaxed and a little more understated than I normally hear you and I put that down to two or maybe 3 things. 1) that you weren’t reaching for a perfect take 2) singing someone else’s words allows you to have an emotional distance from the lyric, which can be both bad & good but in this case suits the song & possibly 3) the vocal production is really nice, like you’ve upgraded your mic and/or simplified your vocal chain and/or are singing just the right distance from the mic. Other factors are that over the last 6 months or so you’ve been singing & practicing a lot more & that the vocals are nice & prominent in the mix

Some or all of the above might be true or not but all this struck me on first listen. It’s great :slight_smile:


That bit around 1min 30 where it gets a bit louder and the piano plays a melody I’d love to hear a big vocal perhaps singing some words to that kind of melody where you voice is a bit higher as well

Would really elevate it