Music Recommendations in 2019 - how do you get yours?

Hi All,

I’m increasingly puzzled by how and where people are finding new (to them) music and great releases from the infinite jukebox that is the internet.

I know we have a constant wall of recommendations and competing voices that we trust or pay attention to, and that a lot of us use about 30 different ways of picking up on music to listen to.

So, how do you find things?
Or if it’s easier to answer… who was the last great act you discovered, and how/where did you find them?

I ask partly as I’ve decided to try something new, and I thought some of you might like to be the first to try it: Recommending music in a time of algorithms | by Drowned in Sound | Drowned in Sound | Medium


Yeah I’m not entirely sure, I just see names around and they sink in by osmosis and I eventually check them out


Honestly these forums are a big part of it - the threads on weekly new releases, monthly favourites, rolling ambient etc.


I subscribe to several record shop mailouts:

I get a lot of recommendations from there and then go on Spotify/Bandcamp etc to hear the things I like the description of. It really helps when shops review records themselves rather than cutting and pasting the press release.

I also find new bands via festival lineups - I always check out unfamiliar names playing a festival Im going to.

The weekly new releases thread on here is another good source of recommendations.

Sometimes I’ll see friends posting on SM or talking about a new band and I’ll check them out on the basis of that.

Occasionally I’ll find new bands because they are the support act for a band I’m going to see.

Lots of ways then, but special thanks to Norman Records above all.


Yeah, and that’s the real magic, and I’m often the same (got into Tomberlin before Xmas because of so many year-end list mentions).

It’s something that is incredibly challenging to pull off as a label or self-releasing artist, to line up enough little mentions in various places, that things naturally feel like they’re surfacing all over the place.

Oh yes, the end of year lists - forgot to mention that one.

A lot of it is Spotify and the curated playlists


I find that with acts they support or are supported by, but it’s interesting how few acts seem to talk about other acts they like - then again, I’ve seen Katy Perry bigging up School of Seven Bells and The 1975 recommending their fans check out James Yorkston, so maybe it does happen at that level a little more…?

Mainly through a couple of blogs/social media accounts like Gold Flake Paint (not that they do much now they’re in print, but the Sunday Slowdown mixes and eoty lists are grand), small albums (get so many recommendations from these guys) the grey estates. And mailouts from Resident and Norman.

Also the new releases/rolling threads are a great source. Generally look out for posts from users with similar taste to see if I’ve missed anything.

Last great release I’ve discovered is probably the Sun June record from last year courtesy of @GoldFlakePaint and small albums

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Mentions on Dis of course.
Reviews etc.
Offshoot or linked to other bands / labels I follow.

Yeah, that’s a big one, finding a label that’s put out a couple of releases I like and exploring their catalogue

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@rich-t Rock action and Big scary monsters do not release bad records imo.



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Same with Sacred Bones and double double whammy

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Ah yeah this too.

And mentions here on the forum obv

Must check out ddw.
An old example of realising a label is right up your street was the Xmas I got explosions in the sky (the earth…) , midlake (van occupanther) and fionn regan (end of history) and realising they were all my AOTY contenders and all on Bella Union.

+1 for mailouts from the likes of Norman & Boomkat. They must invest a fair bit in these and as I don’t have a local record store it’s something I really appreciate.

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Tend to check these out too. I have a localish independent but they have the worst taste. Pushed Great Vann Fleet HARD!

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They’re great, if you like that sort of lo fi indie stuff.


I totally DO!
Much appreciated.

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