Music : Social Ratio

@anon76851889’s update to music board mentioned a perceived semi-barrier between the boards. Never really noticed it myself but I’ve been pretty oblivious to a lot of the things that have been got things simmering recently.

I thought I’d do my bit to break down the barrier by starting what appears to be only my second thread on the social board.

What is your :musical_score: : :wave: replies ratio?

Mine is

1400 : 582
2.4 : 1

So I am team music.

But I like the social board and read a lot more than I contribute. I don’t know anybody here, only signed up to the board for music discovery and it’s been a goldmine for that, but it’s a good community and I’ve never felt unwelcome or excluded when I have got involved on the social board.


127: 3,631

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My categories bit doesn’t seem to recognise that I’ve ever posted on the Social or Music boards?


I’m not a huge fan of my stats page in general - they are a very sobering read


Idk where you’re all seeing these stats but I went on my created threads and they’re all music board ones apart from one filth thread. I pretty much only ever post on social tho, probably because when I’m on the music board I’m making My Chamical Romance threads which people are then impolite about

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 10.42.26

Don’t really start threads but I’m more confident to start them about music. Happy to chip in on either board though.

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These are some strong early victories for social!

@TheBarbieMovie2023 I don’t know how reliable they are, didn’t think to look at anyone elses’ before I started my thread, mine are almost entirely Music and Social but actually looking at a few other people at random I don’t think you’re the only one who looks like they might have an absence of what I assume are the two major categories (in that I assume anything not tagged otherwise on those boards has those categories by default).

@Konichiwa_Bitches On your profile summary ( there is a little box under your most liked comments which lists your replies and topics started on each category. Looks like you’re roughly 3:1 team social)


That’s even less posts than I thought I’d made tbh, I’m on here so so much of every day.

How the fuck is this list put together?

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 11.46.38

I’ve never had a pet in my life!


Welcome to the social board! Really glad my thread is encouraging new people to post here.


Actually thought it would be the other way round:


I’m glad I’ve been even handed and started a single topic on both boards, though.

i have also never posted on social before


but out of 46k+ posts i’d be surprised if there were double digits on the music board

I wonder if 5 digits breaks the table and that’s why some of who I assume are the most prolific posters see no social/music?


wouldn’t music still show up then?


Sorry, not meaning to derail your thread, just never looked at this section before and feel it misrepresents my posting history here.

I do not understand this.

Wasn’t really on sturdy rails to begin with to be honest, I assumed those figures would be more consistent/reliable but they are clearly not! Might ask the mods to move this to site feedback and just retreat back to the music board with my tail between my legs.

Not at all! I think that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Maybe it’s because I have a private profile? It was a strong thread idea.

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i’m quite interested in this now though!

@theo pls fix it

mine isn’t private (i think?) and still doesn’t work