Music/songs about the power of music/songs

Two to get us started by Pet Shop Boys…

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Certain songs they get scratched into our souls


And certain songs are cursed

I always thought “American English” was just brilliant in the way it approached music

So you let me hear songs that were written all about you,
The good songs weren’t written for you,
They’ll never be about you.

Basically saying that all of the music that we invest personal meaning in was really just written for the song-writer themselves and any inspiration we derive from it is just coincidence, yet Idlewild themselves are one of those bands where it feels like the lyrics are so personal that every so often a line will just jump out and strike you as if it’s applicable to you alone


“Spin the Black Circle” by Pearl Jam is the first one that comes to mind.

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Rhythm is a Dancer

A song about writers block and lacking inspiration while simultaneously demonstrating the most inspiring song writing ability. Fucking love this

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