Music that feels like being propelled down a tunnel of light thread


/klaus dinger appreciation

best music


all the electrelane songs




All right Headphone Commute



I have gingivitis



These kind of songs are one of my absolute most favourite types of song…


(and nearly all other Josefin Ohrn tbh, she does the building motorik thing incredibly well)


Probably more like a wind tunnel tbf


i would contend this is music that feels like swooping, but v good, i’m probably going to have to get into smashing pumpkins at some point huh.


Excellent call on the swooping, though that climax sequence is like being shot into the sky. Get into them, you won’t regret it!


Can the tunnel of light be blinking and burning your hair?

The “folding wormholes” chorus specifically.


I love the story of this video…"It was filmed on location in Joshua Tree, where the Arizona five-piece hilariously played a show inside a restaurant filled with families: kids, parents, grandparents. “About halfway through, the restaurant was empty,” the band told FADER in an email. “By the third song in the set, the owner had kicked us out. One guy loved it, and gave us an ounce of weed he’d grown himself.”


Probably my favourite SP song.




The whole of this: