Music that reflects the city it is from

Birmingham. Too easy to pick Black Sabbath perhaps and they do reflect the sound of factories and more. So I’m going to give a rare DiS shout out to UB40, yes they became awfully shit but their early material reflects the hope, doom, size and melting pot of cultures that is Brum well.


Belfast - Stiff Little Fingers
(and heartbreaking how they still are and how we still haven’t gotten away completely from the bad old days)


Feel Glasgow doesn’t really have much of this. Too much twee indie, not enough heroin and murders. Can we adopt Nick Cave?

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Early Jesus and Mary chain perhaps ?Also first Glasvegas album .

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Steely Dan is the sound of people from NYC making music in LA

I was just laughing to myself and was going to post The Twang for Birmingham so was surprised to see the opening post about Brum!

UB40 is a good shout, definitely associate them with that working class rougher side of the city vibe. That might just be because that’s where I am from and remind me of Family BBQs though haha

I think UB40 are from the south side of Brum which is generally not as deprived as north Birmingham but agree the working class vibe comes through strong in early UB40 songs. Black Sabbath are from north Birmingham and you can almost hear the factories in their sound.

The band that take this further, industrial grey soundscapes with massive scope, are Godflesh, who are south Birmingham, well were…


Not heroin and murders, but felt The Blue Nile debut has a very Glasgow vibe




Detroit and Techno


whoops. region not city

ballboy are very middle-class Edinburgh to me

Ignore the title, this is not India, but the epitome of 20th Century Paris.

The Amazing Snakeheads?

Always thought you could feel Cincinnati in The Afghan Whigs’ music. Something about the heat and humidity, and something intangible too that I can’t put into words. Remember spending a week there shortly after buying Black Love and everything making so much more sense.


Are the Twilight Sad Glaswegian?

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for me aphex twin really feels like it comes from the english countryside.

grime is almost too obvious to say, but blatantly it’s a london thing. hard to imagine it coming from anyone but 2nd, 3rd generation diaspora, etc. you could say the same for a lot of the afro-stuff that’s around at the moment.

two things that I think are a bit safe for my tastes, and which are very successful, stornoway and foals, could only have come out of Oxford and in particular the university.

i always think that Low’s music would be a different thing if they didn’t live in Duluth.

Kasabian - Leicester, Leicester is a roofless city, I repeat, roofless