Music that's been playing in the background that you now associate with specific memories

at my old therapists they used to play a Katie Melua album on constant loop in the waiting room
heard this stupid song so many times

once had a physios appointment where this song was playing on repeat for an hour

they used to always play Lighthouse Family during primary school assemblies

stuff like that

Can’t hear this song without thinking of various times my first gf and I spent kissing on her kitchen couch.

Never heard it called that before.


This used to play twice a shift minimum when I worked at a popular outdoors clothing chain when I was 16. Fucking hate this song with a passion as a result.

Spent nearly an hour on hold to the tinny sound of Blake’s Got A New Face by Vampire Weekend once, it was a traumatic experience (and I liked that album).

In my last job Bassline by Reverend and the Makers always used to come on about half an hour before we closed so I have weirdly fond memories of that song.

The once-a-week youth club in the dusty old village hall had two CDs - an indie megamix compilation, and the single of Country House. I strongly associate that song with rotting curtains, cheap Monster Munch, off-brand cola, and Parappa the Rapper.

The day after the Dunblane massacre we were called to an emergency assembly to talk about it and they played this on a loop, not sure how helpful it was

When I was a about 7 or 8, I used to go with my dad to a running club and the children would stay in the gym and mess about on the exercise bikes / run laps while the adults went out on the roads. The soundtrack to this was a very short compilation of old songs played on a constant loop for as long as I went there, maybe two years? To this day ‘Cracklin Rosie’ by Neil Diamond and ‘Yellow River’ by whoever that’s by remind me of running round in circles.

This was playing when my mum sent me to summer drama school and a boy was sick in his hands when we were all sitting in a semi-circle


Used to work at a cinema when the Michael Jackson film ‘This Is It’ came out. As part of the promotion for the film we had the best of MJ playing on a loop. For entire 8, 9 hour shifts. Have probably listened to it around 30-40 times.


our cinema showed the premiere of that live, people had to start work at half 3 in the morning

so daft

You know it

When I started seeing my first serious gf, I used to put on Sting’s Dream Of The Blue Turtles album for a bit of mood music whilst we ‘cuddled’. Looking back now, I’m not quite sure whether We Work The Black Seam Together was an appropriate soundtrack

My first job at the Early Learning Centre (RIP?) used to play tapes (tapes!) that we sold as background music on the shop floor. As they didn’t pay for the rights of the music, the songs were always covers of current pop songs so I forever associate Crashed the Wedding by Busted, Lucky by Britney Spears and Spirit in the Sky by Gareth Gates with spending hungover Sunday mornings on a shop floor with screaming families.

Oh and it was via these tapes that I first ever came across the Cha Cha Slide so, thanks for that.

ELC shops are still around, but they’re now owned by Mothercare who are in trouble.

There’s an outlet in the Westfield Mothercare, if you want to reminisce…

Absolutely everywhere when I went round Europe in 2011. Think it’s @profk 's all time favourite track


I was working in Portugal when the original version was out and it was EVERYWHERE

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There was a coach load of the Spanish equivalent of frat boys in the hostel I stayed at in Budapest, they had a really tinny but loud portable speaker and pretty certain this was the only track they had

This song was constantly on in my sixth form common room, just reminds me of doing statistics homework while eating a chicken tikka panini

Edit: no one liked it apart from the group of hard girls who sat in the corner but I think people were too scared of them to put anything else on

Spice girls - bumper to bumper (b side of wannabe) and a youth club coach trip to alton towers.

The coach driver let us play music but the only music anyone had was wannabe and george michael jesus to a child singles so they were played on repeat. As this was and still is the only time I’ve ever heard the b side to wannabe and i heard it a lot, it remains associated with this trip in my mind. Can’t remember the george michael b side at all