Music theory books

Any particularly good music theory books that any of you good souls would recommend, particularly for someone who did about 20 guitar lessons in his youth before deciding that it was more fun to muck about and play by ear for twenty years before reading a few basic books on it recently?

Please help, I’m writing my letter to santa at this very moment!

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Ive found this one quite useful - its totally guitar focused. Not sure if that’s what you want

that is such a naff cover, brilliant

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Isn’t it



I probably should’ve asked this on a politics forum

oh i’ve got that book

remember it was pretty good

I am now in the market for one of these to teach my musically illiterate ass something other than wild stabbings. Any thoughts other than the frankly glorious looking fretboard roadmaps?
Would also be up for jazz/classical/folk theory books if anyone has had any of those.

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I went back total basics and kind of concluded:

  • there isn’t a single book that introduces music theory in perfect way (for me at least)
  • I remembered more than I thought I would
  • a lot of it just feels like uninspiring classifications

Funnily enough, I’ve been meaning to pick up Understanding Music Theory by Margaret Richer again, which I got from Santa a few weeks after this thread.

That said, I totally forgot about the two recommendations in this thread so I should probably check them out too.

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And on a side note, one thing that I’ve always wondered but never had a satisfactory answer to is why certain intervals sound nice and others don’t. Perhaps I just haven’t looked hard enough but I remember reading somewhere that no one knows for sure but one idea is that it might be down to relative frequencies of notes, simple ratios are easily processed by the brain and sound nicer.