Music Thread for the Social Board: post a song that you think everybody really ought to listen to because it's that good


hey, listen to this one. the lyrics and the music are a quiet wonder. pretty much the Canadian equivalent to Jeff Tweedy, I reckon. or maybe Jeff Tweedy is the US equivalent to him.


There’s a lot of talk of it in the King Krule/Mount Kimbie threads but it’s genuinely one of the best singles of the year.


Shame about your neighbourhoo-oo-ood



but seriously


Will check this out. Feel like I’ve slept on them since Crooks n Lovers


That is great, love the “a strange and unrequited remorse” line and the delivery of it - basically that end section is just :heart:


Hmmmm, I think I prefer C&L style Kimbie. I’m glad it makes @Jeremys_Iron happy though.



if you’ve got 12 minutes spare


My selection for this kind of thing will always and forever be something by Frankie Sparo:

I want everyone to love him (I know this will never happen).





Jut bunged this on. First 10 seconds are… fine



Enjoying it @ericthefourth - reminds me of Deafheaven :wink:

runs and hides



smh man. smh.