Music Thread For The Social Board: really cringey songs that occasionally end up in your head


Hard for me to look past this brace of Comic Relief belters:


Had pink triangle stuck in my head for days, really embarrassing just to bust out singing it.



All the buggering time
Mostly completely fictional lyrics though


Do you have particular lyrics you sing to it?


It’s easy and thus rarely the same, ‘always yes I love the thought’ then something like
of going out with you/going to the loo/looking really cool
and then finishing properly
rarely even that funny, mainly annoying


Um, since 8th Nov this has largely been stuck in my head:

Fascism has never been so catchy :frowning: What do I win?


I haven’t even listened to it but I’ve got that annoying samba drum bit (which I think is a sample?) at the end of the chorus in my head. “Just a little ray of light shining throoooo” #samba drum#


we’ll live and die in these towns by the enemy



I always get In Too Deep in my head. crap song


Cringey is the wrong word, but I often get the jimll fix it theme tune in my head. Had to really concentrate to not sing it out loud in public on a couple of occasions




Right Said Fred for me, too. mega cringe.


Not cringey, more weird.


One of the worst songs around. And once it gets stuck in your head, it’s really hard to remove.


I woke up with fucking Goldie Lookin Chain in my head this morning. :confused:


This all the time


It’s not even that funny