Music to represent the layers of the earth...

I’m setting some remote learning PE for 8 year olds. We’re doing a dance unit themed on the layers of the earth.

I would like a song/piece of music, preferably instrumental, which the children could map their movements to.

I’m normally quite unfussy with what i’ll play in lessons but since this is going out to parents too I’m doubting myself.

Any suggestions?

Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano’s modern-day take on Saint-Saëns came immediately to mind:


Oh fuck, this is gorgeous.

8 year olds love a bit of Cascadian black metal

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Job done:

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Part One is an easy one where you can move around to the music without too much effort. Part Two needs more energy. Move those arms, kids.

If this is including hydrosphere, how about this:

The tapping bits and little rising motifs feel like they could be quite easy to latch onto to base movements off of. Feels very watery, or fluid I guess - rivers and water vapour and light rains.

Probably that sigur Ros one that Attenborough uses somewhere.


Wow, that’s a really good comparison. It really does map nicely. I’ll use it in the next session. It’s very Andrew Bird-y

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Thank you for all the suggestions.

I ended up using these songs:


Outer core




Had some very interesting submissions so far!
(And one kid who said the Anna Meredith one made her dog cry… :confused: )