Music to work to


Need recommendations for non-distracting music to listen to when working, preferably instrumental but it doesn’t have to be if the vocals aren’t too intrusive. I’ve tried listening to 65daysofstatic and other post-rock while working, but it’s too intricate and in-your-face to be good concentration music.

I really like Bonobo’s Late Night Tales mix and I find that I can get on pretty well with that in the background, so similar albums/mixes would be good, or stuff like Tycho/Bonobo’s actual albums.


If you haven’t already, maybe try some of the ambient stuff like Stars of The Lid : )


I go the opposite, as much noise as possible, but longish songs. Deafheaven would do it, or Converge. Gets me motivated but it ends up a blur of noise in the end so stops being distracting.


I find Portishead - Dummy pretty non-intrusive and a great album for getting work done.



Listened to sooo much explosions in the sky when I was at uni, good for reading/writing to


Throw on some dub, I tell you. Upbeat, not too fast, ‘spacey’ (gives room to think if necessary), few distracting vocals.


Philip Glass


Eno - On Land


Someone on here posted a really good mix for this a couple of years ago.

It had Betrayed in the Octagon by Oneohtrix Point Never on it, and started with a Biosphere track.


but it was really god.


Really god


These days while I work I find I need ambient/drone-ish artists:

Jefre-Cantu Ledesma
Motion Sickness of Time Travel

If the work I’m not doing is not too taxing and can be done breezily, I might up the temp for some Kiasmos. But that definitely induces the bopping-one’s-head-while-sat-working-at-a-computer-terminal look which … well, you need a lot of i-don’t-give-a-fuck to pull that off.


Steve Reich also good!


I’ve been working listening to Scorn all day. The later, non-vocals stuff. That works. I find Swans does too… Tim Hecker… all that sort of stuff


Pretty much always Boards of Canada for me.


Oh and Fennesz.


Oh and Eno’s Music for Airports.

I got the impression you’re a translator? So I guess you don’t want anything with lyrics that will interfere with the words, or strong rhythms that will also get in the way.


Oh and this site if you just want ambient noise

Muji have got a free phone app with forest, sea etc sounds on too for concentration and relaxation.


Anything by
Apricot Rail -
The American Dollar - (they have a specific mix of ‘focus’ music
The Cinematic Orchestra

Really liking the soundtrack for Before The Flood too.