Music videos filmed in lockdown

Not live streams or anything, but actual music videos artists have had to record at home. Have there been many of these? I’ve noticed a couple, interested to see what kind of DIY production values they’ve managed.

Two I’m aware of:

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Soccer Mommy did one


The recent Phoebe Bridgers is called Kyoto and was supposed to be film in Japan instead of via cheesy green screen

Very effective though

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There’s this zero-effort one

Only know this because of the news story about it but Fran H drew it all himself and it’s pretty good really, whatever you may think of the band


Really made me smile this

Awww, 2 years ago I’d literally just come back from a holiday to Japan, and this has just made me genuinely massively nostalgic for it.

There was an earthquake, and Japan were really good in the WORLD CUP!

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Same. Had no idea they did this a month or so ago. Massive smile!

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Jpegmafia has done a couple of them - I mean they’ve been shot outdoors but still…

the notorious 6ix9ine produced these music videos at home partly because of quarantine and partly because he’s on house arrest :smiley: