Music Where You Don't Get The DiS Consensus

Probably a similar thread kicking around, but never mind. This is partly an under/overrated thing, but DiS-centric - what utterly baffles you about the DiS hive mind when it comes to music? Here’s two from me, both post-rock:

DiS loves post 2011 Mogwai, and I just don’t get it. For me, they haven’t done anything worthwhile since Hardcore, and I found the near unanimous praise (also in the music press TBH) for their newest so confusing, like “are we listening to the same record?” I gave it 2.5 listens and filed it under “yet another samey drudge of a Mogwai album I’ll never listen to again”. Feel jealous really, wish I understood :slight_smile:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
The opposite situation to the above - seems like the general DiS consensus is that they’re long past their best and releasing nothing of worth nowadays. I think the opposite - the last three albums they’ve done are genuinely the best they’ve released, up there with Skinny Fists and (to me at least) better. Genuinely beautiful, heartbreaking stuff.

Goes without saying that this is all about personal opinions and not about attacking folk for their likes or dislikes. Your turn! :slight_smile:

No. I’m with the hive mind on this one. The most recent is decent and the others are good enough but there’s absolutely no touching f#a# or skinny fists at all. I think the decision to move away from field recordings really did them no favours at all, it made their early stuff very distinctive cos they were so good at it.

Set Fire To Flames did it better than even godspeed at their peak, I guess that’s my non standard take.


Pretty much all the pop stuff. Any singer song writer.

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I think on balance Punisher is better than Stanger In The Alps (which has a lot of good stuff on it but is maybe a little patchy)


Queen aren’t that bad




Bob Dylan is basically rubbish


I think Red Hot Chili Peppers are a great band with three unquestionably classic albums (BSSM, Californication, By the Way). One Hot Minute and Stadium Arcadium have lots of great material too. Anthony Kiedis also has a very nice voice.

Get that they’re not for everyone but the sheer amount of hatred for their music is baffling to me.


The Rolling Stones get trashed on here a lot but the 4 album run of Beggars Banquet up until Exile on Main Street is one of the best runs ever. Most bands that get praise on here would love to have one album as good as those four.


Don’t think there’s anything special about Sonic Youth. They’ve always felt like a generic opening band with a few good songs who were at the right place at the right time. (Sorry SY fans, not wanting to fight or rehash the HGATR thread, I’ve tried!)



A more specific one - seems like the overwhelming consensus with Cloud Nothings is that Attack on Memory or Here and Nowhere Else are the best ones or all you need from them.

I think Last Building Burning is by far their best, and lately I’ve come around to the idea that the latest two - The Shadow I Remember and The Black Hole Understands - are the runners up.


Bob Dylan is a funny one for me. In my mid 20s I was all over him, buying every album I could and borrowing others from the library, couldn’t get enough. Now at 40 it’s all “I don’t need that shit in my life now”. Not that I think he’s shit, I just have no desire whatsoever to listen to anything he’s done any more. For me anyway, Dylan was very much a time of life and place thing.

Kendrick Lamar is unlistenable


Oh, file Nick Cave under the same heading as Dylan. Again, it was a 20s thing. Really don’t get why I cared so much back then. Not that it’s bad, just does nothing for me nowadays. Everybody here loves him though, and again, I kind of wish I understood why


Don’t think anyone in the common day has been more overrated.


Get on top
Get on top
Hit me (get on top), come get me
Oh, I bite but she bit me (get on top)

Gorilla cunt illa
Sammy D and Salmonella (get on top)
Come with me 'cause I’m an ass killer
You’re ill but I’m iller (get on top)

I’ma linger on your block and
Give the finger to a cop and
Pick a lock before I knock and
Set you up to get on top

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Never heard a Mogwai song that wasn’t shit

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Basing this strictly off how bad he faired on HGATR, but I think Billy Joel is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Maybe bias being from New England but the man knew how to put together great albums, is an unbelievable piano player and knew how to write a hit.


I’m with you on this one. The old albums are often a chore to get through imo.

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