Music-wise, what's in your glovebox?


Feel a bit left out here. Might steal a motor on the way home and let you know


Just 3 Hold Steady albums (Sep Sun, B&GIA + Stay Pos)

For some reason I never tire of listening to The Hold Steady while driving.



its a honda jazz. obv i dont keep them all in the glovebox, theyre mainly under the seats and stuff


Mostly a hip hop vibe in the ol’ Honda Civic atm with a 3 disc rap comp. I got from Sainsbos and a couple of Height albums. Also got a Kelly Jayne Jones album and a Pylon album in there too.


Mine has a hard drive you can load up from a USB so I currently have 92 albums on there that were loaded about 6 months ago starting with …Sun, Broken by Mugstar and ending with WIXIW, been through them all and have had it on shuffle for a while now so probably time for a refill.


Deja Entendu - Brand New
Everything Goes Numb - Streetlight Manifesto

Considering I haven’t purchased a CD since high school…this makes a lot of sense.


My trusty 160GB iPod Classic with nearly 17,000 songs. Normally on shuffle.