Music writers/illustrators/video makers...

Hi all.

Some context (sorry for all the words).

My arms hurt a lot, and have done for a year or so now. Nobody knows why (yet), but I can’t drum any more and it hurts to play guitar or bass. The hope is they can work out what’s wrong and I can eventually get back on it, but for now, I’m sad.

Anyway, I still want to do something related to music, so I’ve decided to set up a website (and a podcast, eventually) on which I will write about music, post design stuff I’ve done, maybe sell prints if they get any good/any interest. Not reviewing music out of 10, I don’t like that sort of thing and it feels like a relic of the past for something so subjective, more opinion pieces, features, lists, specific memories of gigs or albums, that sort of thing.

I’m going to set it all up – branding, hosted, maintained, content uploaded etc. - but I’d quite like it to be a community project, where people who fancy writing about something they love can do so without worrying about any of the aforementioned guff.

Would anyone here be interested in getting involved? I know from the HGATR threads that people are passionate about specific artists/albums/genres, and also there are some very varied opinions on here. There are also people who seem very in the know about new releases, which would be a great thing to have regularly on the site.

No pressure in any way, I’m quite happy to do it all on my own although I might have limited appeal/skill. I just need a project, something musical to get my teeth into, that might just go somewhere - you never know.

Would be great to involve all sort of content so written word, illustrations, video bits and pieces, but whatever anyone might want to contribute would be amazing.

I suppose the other thing worth mentioning is that this would in no way be similar to DiS re: content.

If you’re at all interested in getting involved send me a PM and we can discuss what’s what.


I’ve had a PM from someone who’s interested, which is very exciting.

Just blatantly bumping this in case anyone missed it who could potentially be interested. To reiterate there is no commitment to anything regular, unless you want to, just as little or as much as you like if you’re itching to write about something?

It might be worth posting a link to this in this week’s new releases thread too to drum up some more interest.

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Could do, although I don’t want to spam up the forum.

Spam it up man, you’re a loved character here and I think many people will be on board with you starting something like this if they knew about it.



Thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in this - quite overwhelming actually and very nice.

Just as an update, I’m pretty much ready to go with the website. Just need to put some actual content in (this is all placeholder) and go live :slight_smile:


If your first two articles aren’t ‘Something About Nick Cave or something I don’t know’ and one simply titled ‘Radiohead’ I’m going to be most disappointed


Hello everyone.

So I moved house, and that completely took over. Probably rightly so. But I now want to crack on with this.

The website is built, and I’m already paying for hosting. Got a few things in mind I’d like to write about (first gig back after lockdown, end of year lists, that sort of thing). Excited to get going now I’ve got a bit of time.

Is anyone who expressed an interest still interested in contributing? I guess it only needs a piece or two to go live, but if you’re absolutely itching to get something out there and published please send away!

Thanks again for the initial interest and no worries if you’re now too busy/can’t be bothered. I’m quite excited about what it could be as a nice outlet for a few of us and looking forward to getting it going.