Music you like being used in bad adverts/tv/film, etc


Try not to begrudge bands i like making a few quid but sometimes…

Dead Can Dance on that new BMW advert :disappointed:



Bellbottoms in Baby Driver
Remember hearing Rancid in Fun With Dick and Harry too


Dick and Jane even


“Today” by the Pumpkins in that credit card commercial.
“Gravity Rides Everything” by Modest Mouse in that car commercial.


Blur British gas.


Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown.

Can’t remember the ad because ADVERTS DON’T WORK ON ME.



Ha wow


Tetley ruined Bill Withers for me for over a decade. Same with British Airways and Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell.


that one jeep commercial that used the instrumental intro to VU’s Heroin.

there’s also something weird about Sheetz having Devo’s “Freedom of Choice” on its playlist.


I spent hours one winter on hold to British Gas sorting out some fucking pre-paid meter bullshit, with the strings looping in the background.Ruined it.


My mum still religiously watches Greys Anatomy despite it being on series 246, so have caught a fair few episodes over the years. Terrible show but the soundtrack is a beaut.


This. I have to dive for the mute button or change the channel as I refuse to have this beautiful song associated with a car ad for ever more in my head.


Suicide on a Marc Jacobs advert


Hoppipola in endless amounts of BBC tripe


my wife watches it. I think I heard Chelsea Wolfe on there or one of the other Shondaland shows.


It doesn’t matter


Wanadoo werent it. They also used Velouria and a Lamb of God song


Who’s that by? :rofl:


Wyclef Jean ft Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson