Music you like being used in bad adverts/tv/film, etc

huh… it’s like that arty Mr. Plow commercial, but as a lead in for Cronenberg’s Crash.


Hated the Xbox advert with Gang of Four on it-

Kind of goes against everything Gang of Four were singing about. Sell-outs!

The first time I heard Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes was on a car advert and I hated it. It might’ve been a cover. Only listened to the album it’s from last year and I actually quite like it now.

I once spent nearly an hour on hold to Blake’s Got a New Face by Vampire Weekend and it’s ruined that album for me.

ha, I knew what song it would be as soon as I saw it was for XBox.

I hope that “I Love a Man in a Uniform” was used in a military recruiting video.

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They used the Battlea one on a Hollyoaks ad

Seem to remember a car advert using Lamb and the Lion by the Mae Shi too

planet earth was brilliant mate

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Haha fair point but it was used on bloody everything for about three years!

yeah, i love it when the beeb get the rights to something, then have to use it on everything for ages cause of budget restrictions

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Posted this before- New Order:

TNGHT’s “higher ground” in some betting advert has taken something off it for me

Just remembered there’s also the million or so adverts with Beach Boys songs on them. Didn’t Brian Wilson’s horrible Dad give away all the rights or something?