Music You Made When You Were Young

This isn’t about shame, this isn’t about justifications, this is about saying “Hey, I was more innocent and naive back then, it is what it is”

Here’s a song called Clinic which I wrote and recorded when I was 16. It was the first time I’d used any digital recording software and found the whole thing ridiculously exciting. I used a lot of the free samples they included at the end of the Genius single by Pitchshifter. Mostly just wanted to shock people with the shouting and gross them out.

At 17 I was lead guitarist in the imaginatively titled ‘Virus’. The rest of the band really liked Pearl Jam, The Stereophonics and a lot of MOR American radio rock. I liked KoRn and Beck. Unfortunately (though understandably), they were the only people who wanted to be in a band with me, so I made the best of the situation.


As IF I would give any of you this sort of stuff :smiley:



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tbf, I was pretty cool


I actually don’t know if I have any on MP3, TBH. There’s stuff on MiniDisc in a box that arrived today with all our stuff but actually getting it onto MP3 would be…an event.

An event… of a lifetime!

Seriously though, would be great to hear the pre-PW years

Alright, I did actually find a truly shit demo

I hope to god that @jordan_229 got that old Wah pedal of mine working and was able to make something better than I did.

This is what happens when you give a guitarist a wah and a delay and they have really bad song ideas. Enjoy…

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Looks like Beck if Beck was at school…and didn’t wear shoes

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Unfortunately all evidence of my teenage musicianship is on tape, not digital.

Ranges from:

When I used to make “rave mixes” by playing two tapes together on a dual-deck hi-fi and recording what came out of one speaker on a crappy tape recorder. Pitching / timing meant nothing. Once every ten minute or so, the beats would naturally sync and I’d think “nice…”

When I got an Amiga 500 and a sampler. More rave music, but now a bit cleaner, slightly more in time and tune and featuring a sample of the theme tune to That’s Life.

When, at 19, I formed a band called Mutant Mobster with my Uni flatmate. He played guitar and I “played” the Amiga. We had songs about BA Barracus and hamsters. We also did a parody of that fledgling band Belle and Sebastian called ‘Pasty Faced Bourgeouis Bastard’.

Probably just as well this exists only on tape…

never had you down as a wah pedal man :smiley:

Dunno what happened to the first album I did when i was 17, bet it sounds teeeerrible

Early days, man. Early days of me writing songs and having that pedal.

Think that’s from 1999. I didn’t really learn guitar until 1996 actually.

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Surprised Thom Yorke and the Radioheads didn’t sue us for those lyrics, tbqfh. (not me singing)

Ditto Far and that chorus.

Three of us got really into Explosions In The Sky at the same time. Don’t think you can tell, though.



My Soundcloud is full atm, but I might delete a few things and put some stuff up on there from the olden days.

Sadly, my oldest stuff (and probably most bold in terms of teenage “I’ll-do-anything-to-make-music” ingenuity is mostly lost on a dead computer): some of that stuff involved me recording guitar on my phone (I couldn’t play guitar, and still technically don’t know what I’m doing) and then holding the phone speaker up to a microphone we had on the computer to get it on the computer. I’d read about (smog) on Wikipedia recently so I was proud of being mega lo-fi.

I’ve got a few things I’m proud of, from when I started downloading samples of really old records from to make weird stuff. I have an ongoing iTunes playlist of really old stuff I’m proud enough of that I might bung on Bandcamp some day

That first track is easily the worst thing posted in this thread so far even taking into account that atrocity Theo posted.

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Quite enjoyed the last one even if it is totally derivative.

I actually lost touch with the lad I knew who repaired guitars soon after getting the pedal off you so it remains unplayable, and now I pretty much only play keyboard. Happy to return it if the opportunity arises.

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This is where you play the avant garde card and pretend it was deliberate - like The Fall did when they did exactly the same thing on ‘Paint Work’ from This Nation… and left it in.

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Yes! Your Virus band have that sound a lot of mate’s bands had when I first started going out in the late 90s. Did you do any Matchbox 20 or Ugly Kid Joe covers too?

Always fun hearing this kind of rough early stuff that everyone’s mildly embarrassed by. Think I might be able to dig out some grotty sounding 4 track recordings from somewhere. Iirc, I’ve got something from probably 16, 17 and 18 years old in my dropbox account from a similar conversation on another forum a few years back.

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