Music you once like that you can't stand now


We’ve probably had this thread before or maybe I’ve thought about making a thread but didn’t. Idk, can’t tell the difference anymore BUT who did you like that you can’t cope with now? I stand by my embarrassing emo bands etc but I genuinely liked merzhbow and I’m so genuinely baffled by this. Same with most noise bands, used to love all that but it’s like grating nails on a board now. How about you?


At high school I went through a solid month and a half of liking the red hot chili peppers. Also loads of britpop bands when I was like 13 and only listened to my brother’s CDs (Ocean Colour Scene, Stereophonics, etc).

Would struggle to listen to 5 minutes of that stuff these days.


Manic street preachers, arguably the worst band


i’ve got quite a high tolerance for bands i used to like, a lot of the stuff i used to like is just quite bland and boring to me now but i’ll still feel a little bit #defensive of it

Muse are definitely a tough listen these days though


Lots of British stuff from 2004-2006 but mostly Bloc Party.


Used to non ironically like The Feeling


i did go to see Los Campesinos in Freshers Week actually, had no idea who they were but quite enjoyed it and listened to a couple of early EP/single tracks i must have found on Limewire for a little while. almost bought my friend the debut album for his birthday when it came out but realised they were actually a bit annoying really and bought him Blood Red Shoes instead. i stand by that decision.


I used to love Incubus and now hearing them fills me with rage.


Don’t be a silly twat.


I just think they really lack substance, yet their brand is substance,really they are just a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals. holy bible and a few other richie era tracks are good I suppose, but in general there is such a gulf between what they are trying to be and what they are


I mean there are a lot of bands I’ve drifted away from, or grown out of, but the manics are probably the only one I feel tricked by


I hated them. Then liked them and now am mildly annoyed by them.


Can’t think of many popular artists who are (A) true intellectuals and (B) not selling an image of some sort. I see your point, but very few people hold up to that sort of scrutiny. Everyone lets you down in some way, shape or form.


my mate got a manic street preachers best of for cheap in Tesco or something, was quite excited to hear it in his car because I heard they were good but only remember one or two tracks from when I was a kid.

Couldn’t believe how terrible it was!

Awful production on everything, needless meandering weedy guitar solos all over the place. Also the worst cover of Suicide Is Painless I could ever imagine.

Very disappointing


most proggy stuff is such empty bollocks, really embarrassed that I used to think it was cool.

Still have a bit of a soft spot for Jethro Tull’s Aqualung though.


radiohead. dont think theyre bad now tbh, just dont ever want to listen to them. they have nothing left to offer me.


Think RHCP are the ones that come immediately to mind. Loved them from BSSM to Californication, then fell out hard after all. Can’t listen to them any more at all now. Dreadful.


‘Strange’ and the secret track on the debut are fine songs.


I once paid money to go and see Jack Johnson