Musical Artist Leslie Cours Mather Sings About Strength and Overcoming Adversity, Inspired By Carrie Underwood’s “Cry Pretty”


Memories of this year’s Fourth of July festivities are fresh in the minds of Americans around the country, and Leslie Cours Mather Billboard Adult Contemporary charting single ‘We Are America,’ remains a terrific upbeat anthem, reminding listeners about America’s core principles of liberty, justice, strength and unity…particularly during times of struggle.

Leslie has powered through a series of personal and family life struggles. Those stories began to find their way into her songwriting, fueling themes of strength and hope as only music can. She was particularly inspired by Carrie Underwood’s song “Cry Pretty” with a message that every family has adversities they must survive…observing how music can help us feel less alone. She inspires all to be grateful, resilient and positive through her lyrics and commanding voice. Songs like “I’m A Survivor” and “We Are America” motivate us to strengthen the light that shines in the soul and find courage to carry on when tested.

“Leslie Cours Mather is back with a song to pull us together in these times of division and indecision. ‘We Are America’ should tug at the hearts of all Americans. With attacks from outside and inside, ‘We Are America’ is the song we need to hear.”

  • Dave Young, KDKD Radio

Coming this fall, she will be releasing her debut album, appropriately titled, “I’m a Survivor,” which contains several chart singles, and includes her brand new release entitled, “Love’s Gonna Do That.”

It will be exciting to experience the versatility and authentic songs that Leslie will be delivering. Judging by the immense soul and passion that shines through in ‘We Are America,’ there is no doubt that Leslie Cours Mather will continue to impress her listeners and inspire them to embrace life and overcome the obstacles that life brings.

While awaiting her new music, stream ‘We Are America’ on Spotify and watch the official music video on Youtube . Also make sure to follow Leslie Cours Mather on Facebook Also available is an offer to pre-order “I’m A Survivor.”