Musical cameos on TV/Film

The Adventures of Pete & Pete was the best TV show for this, even though as a kid these cameos barely registered with me at the time.

  • Polaris - Mark Mulcahys post Miracle Legion band created just for the show. The album was finally released recently and is great.
  • Iggy Pop, “James ‘Pop’ Mecklenberg”
  • Kate Pierson, “Mrs. Vanderveer”
  • Michael Stipe, “Captain Scrummy”
  • Debbie Harry.
  • David Johansen, “Park Ranger Thorsen”
  • Richard Edson, “Mr. Beverly”
  • Gordon Gano, “Mr. Zank”

So so unlikely

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Evan Dando in Reality Bites:

Le Lemmoi

Point Break Chili Peppers


Flea form everyone’s favorite the Red hot chilli peppers turns up in The Big lebowski, Back to the future 2 and Point Break.

A far better run of films than albums.


Spoils it by being in the Psycho remake tho.

Mark Kozelek being a prick in Vanilla Sky

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Dave Mustaine in Duck Dodgers

The Clash playing a bunch of street punks in King of Comedy

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Sharon Van Etten being one of the main characters in The OA


Ted Leo as Steg in Steven Universe

Marilyn Manson and Twiggy in Lost Higway

Jeff, Tweedy, yo la tengo, Decemberists on Parks & Rec

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kind of role-reversal of my avatar: yo la tengo turn up in the parks and rec finale (as does Jeff Tweedy)

le yo la tengoi



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Michael Stipe as Captain Scrummy in The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Killer Mike in Baby Driver

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Billie Joe Armstrong plays the lead in indie flick Ordinary World:

Cannibal Corpse pop up in Ace Ventura:

My man Tre Cool voiced a character in a King OF The Hill episode:

Jimmy Nail getting a chance to show off his singing talent in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet :slight_smile: :

Status Quo twatting Les Battersby :D:

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